Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hump Day!

The 'crapsack' (love that term whoever said it!  :)) was not out the past two mornings.  I have been sliding the plates under the fence and going over to do the other side where there ARE decent shelters, but they won't come over, and giving the cats a chance to eat without having to scale the fence - and for the two that I don't think can climb it at all.   I then go and remove them and place them under the tree where I am 'supposed' to.  This, in my opinion, is animal cruelty - but its legal.  For that man to NOT allow these cats the only food provided to them (by me), that 'live' behind the fence at this gated apartment complex in the CRACK of a WALL.  I find it incomprehensible that this can be legal.  If anyone can do anything, or can look into this, its the Susan B. Anthony apartments on Niagara and First Streets between Central Park and Bay Street.  Who owns it, who is the property manager?  Who is this vile person that is a resident there?

Louvain a/k/a Lolly
My friend Lollie, who has been visiting from Australia for the past week has gone out with me three mornings in a row.  I swear, sometimes I feel self-conscious about what I do.  What do people think of me doing this?  It really does LOOK crazy!  But then I think - this is what I call dedication and commitment - what I do.  Who else has that kind of determination to do something 7 days a week, 365 days a year, not one day off since April 2014.  I am sure there are plenty who have dedication and commitment to something, actually there are other colony caregivers - we ARE dedicated people.  You want someone reliable?  Thats me.  You want someone who will look after you if you are down and out?  Thats me!  I feel I am true friend, through and through.  I am loyal to the end.  I hope I don't sound like I am bragging about myself, but really, I amaze myself sometimes.  I have to be proud of that, no matter what I look like to others.  I am not saying Lollie thinks I am crazy - I am just thinking there are many other people that probably do think me nuts, but so what.  What are THEY good at?  Right?  ha.  By the way, Lollie is a natural.  I told her she missed her calling.  Who knows, maybe she will go back home and start to feed ferals around her area.  :)  If anything, she will notice things she probably didn't before.  Stray, homeless, feral, there are problems with cats all over the globe.  Spay and neuter!  Thats the ticket!

I got a report on Parsley from his new 'dad'.  They are getting along well.  The guy, Eddie, works a lot of hours though, so I am concerned about that.  I mentioned to him - wouldn't it be nice to get ANOTHER cat - as a companion for Parsley.  He actually liked the idea, and said he would ask his landlord.  In the meantime, I asked him to leave a radio on while he is gone (he works full time 7 days a week).  :(  Any other suggestions I can give him?

The Smudgster!  :)

Finally, new pictures of Smudge - the kitty I rescued from Melville a year ago.  She is adored by her new family, I couldn't be any happier!~  :)

Have a GREAT day!  PS, lets get Hermie and Esmeralda adopted now!!!

"Enduring and forgiving are two different things.  You must not forgive the cruelty of this world.  It's our duty as human beings to be angry at injustice.  But we must also endure it.  Because someone must sever this chain of hatred." 


  1. Here are a few toys my cats love:
    Also, treat balls for cats, if he Parsley will use them.

  2. Oh, and my cats LOVE watching "bridie" videos from YouTube. Winter Birds and Winter Birds 2 are their favorites.
    Also, using a tablet or old smartphone with a camera he could try using an app like Presence or AtHome which allows you to stream video and he could speak to the cat through the connection.

  3. You ARE amazing Janine - and you're right - the most loyal friend in the world!!! xoxoxo
    I will hope and pray that Parsley's new dad is able to get a friend for him. In the meantime, remember that Parsley is warm, safe, fed, off the streets and with a man who loves him. :)

  4. That's so wonderful to hear about Parsley! I hope he settles in soon and enjoys his furever home. Also, good to see an update from the adorable Smudge!

  5. How about a bird feeder near the window or one that suction cups to the window? A 'kong' or treat ball that he can play with a get treats out of. Paper balls most cats have a blast with or the thicker pipe cleaners. Def should leave a radio or tv on or if he can swing it, definitely a friend for Parsley. Tell him thank you from all of us, for giving a homeless kitty a safe & warm place to stay. Keep spreading the word humans! ;)