Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9th! Karon and Walt!

Today's recipients of the Feed A Cat For Christmas goes to Karon and Walt!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  :)  Today, you helped to feed over 70 cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester by providing food, batteries for flashlights, a bottle of wine (for me) and even some pepper spray IF I ever encounter a bad guy (or girl).  Their food donation went in honor of his sister's "Tasha" and in honor of their friend Oksana's pups.  Thank you SO much for your support!

Stan - Before

Stan - NOW! 
So here is a before picture, and an after picture.  Guess what.  I trapped 'Stan' from Short Street yesterday morning.  I had him at the clinic for neutering and then back to my porch where he would be spending the night before I had to release him.  I trapped his brother Stevie a few weeks ago.  I had to release Stevie.  Here is him waiting for his food this morning.  Well, someone out of the blue called me and said 'I'll take Stan!'  I couldn't believe it.  So out of bed I go, down to get the trap, put in bathroom, open the trap door, out comes the SWEETEST cutest little one ever.  You never know how these animals will react when they are let out of their cage, because its either been a long time since they were in a house, or have never experienced being in a house.  I told him today was his lucky day.  What a cutie.  Sandy, you are going to love this little one, and I hope you consider his brother Stevie too.  I know we have cats in foster, and I know we have a few others that I've wanted to rescue for a long time, but I can't turn someone down for another.  How wonderful is this.  That's all it takes.  Someone to step up and say, I'll take him/her. 

Stevie - Stan's Brother
Patches will be going for one last look at on Friday at South Towne Animal Hospital.  I watched him fearfully approach his food this morning.  It appears that he prefers the dry food so that he can gulp it down, rather than lick the wet food, because his tongue is ulcerated and it hurts him a great deal.  He cries out in pain.  His fur is very bad, he is very dirty - I believe this is because he has been trying to groom himself with his bloody, mucous filled tongue.  My heart goes out to this sweet boy.

Today, I go into the hospital for a medical procedure myself!  And boy I cannot WAIT to begin the countdown from 100.  I LOVE that gas they give you!  Not a care in the world with that stuff.  I only wish I could take home a bag of it and inhale it every so often.  :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. How WONDERFUL that Stan has a home!!! He is such a cutie-pie! I do hope someone will step up for Stevie too - he looks like a cute little peanut. I wish I could take him. I hope your procedure goes smoothly :)

  2. How old do you think Stan and Stevie are?

  3. Good luck Janine!! Thank you Walt & Karon for donating a Day in December - you two are such advocates for Janine and her cause. Yeaaaaa Stan - what a beauty; I hope his brother lands in a warm home too. Keep us posted about Patches Janine; I can call and donate to South Towne. If you need help driving him there, call me. Nancy C.

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you very much for everything you do for Janine and the Kitties. We are just trying to make a difference in these poor defenseless Kitties lives. Hopefully, everyone does whatever they can to help Janine continue her Excellent work. Thanks to all Janine's supporters and her tireless work we are making a big difference in the lives of these Felines.

      Walt Simoni

  4. Are either Patches or Violet using the Rapid Rehab liquid high calorie supplement I gave you to try? If you need more let me know. Carole

  5. Hooray for Stan!! Awesome! I'm crossing my fingers that Stevie gets adopted too. He's so adorable. Hope all went well with you today!