Tuesday, December 29, 2015

December 29th - Megan K.!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Megan K.!  Thank you for your help in feeding all the cats I feed on a daily basis. TODAY was your day!  :)  Thank you for helping me with the Feed a Cat For Christmas campaign, that is now going into the new year!  It truly does cost $40 to feed these cats - I go through 30+ pounds of dry food, and way over a case of wet food (40+ cans of regular sized), their favorite - EVERY DAY.  Not to mention the wear and tear on the Cat mobile, and the wear and tear on my bones.  Uggh. Getting old ain't for sissies.  :)

Well, the weather today SUCKS!  (Sorry Grandma Berry - I just had to say it!).  :)  Don't get me wrong, I do love all four seasons - its the cats, and any other living creature that I worry about.  My normal hour and half route took nearly two hours this morning.  No shoveling, we had only a little more than an inch of snow, and it was really heavy wet snow, but at one of my shelters, on Grand and Baldwin, there is a lunatic that goes there occasionally, and the last time this person was there they rearranged the little village I originally set up for about eight cats that reside there.  And this person is a lunatic.  It was confirmed when I saw a blanket underneath the tarp, on top of a wood board.  This just doesn't make sense.  This person must have completely removed the tree limbs I use for camouflage, removed the huge tarp on top of the wooden boards, and removed one of the six shelters underneath.  The Lunatic set up cardboard lining all around, and moved the boards that served as a roof around also.  It took me an extra 15 minutes to remove everything, and put everything back half-assed (sorry again Grandma B!) until I can get my Sunday Sheryl here on Sunday to help me REDO this again.  After finishing up there, my lower back was KILLING me.  I got in the Catmobile and wrote a 'polite' note stating that I appreciated the 'help', knowing they were trying to do 'good', but please do not touch anything, as it was not helpful to me nor the cats, and that this was church property and I would be alerting the neighbors to keep a look out.  I finished with 'I will catch you.'    UGGGH.

This shelter on 7th Street is much more spiffed up now!  :)
The three new rescues went to the clinic yesterday.  Prince turned out fine, and he is in his new home getting to know his new mom, pop and sister.  Snowball aka Ruby turned out fine.  Lucky may have a touch of FIV, they want to retest him, but both of these cuties returned to their new home with Jackie, who will love them unconditionally, FIV or not.  Thank you Eileen and Jackie!  These cats are so lucky.

It was hard to leave the herd at the second Parsells location where Parsley and several others reside.  All good cats, all needing homes.  There are at least six of them there.  Then at the next Parsells location across the street, just up a ways, there are another five or six.  Two wait to be fed by the side of the road under the tree, not knowing enough to go back and huddle under the shelter with the others.  This morning, I couldn't leave food there as it was snow covered.

I think this is all for today.  Would like to give you a run down of my shelters tomorrow, with who is left at each.  I feed cats of all kinds, from ferals, to semi ferals, to strays.  I've done a pretty good job at getting the semi-ferals and strays this past year into homes, off the streets.  Thank you to those of you who helped me do that!

Have a great day!

"A little deed of kindness
Must be shown to all animals
They are living creatures
Just like you and me
Never hurt an animal
For they are made for us."

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