Thursday, December 31, 2015

December 31st! Dylan T.!

CONGRATULATIONS to Dylan T.!!!  Thank you Dylan, for helping me feed the cats this morning.  They were all back in full swing.  The past few days, many were not seen, not sure if it was the first snow that they went all haywire, but today, they were all back.  I appreciate everyone who has donated to the Feed a Cat For Christmas.  Just a reminder, the days chosen for feeding are based on when the donation is received.  And I am able to feed a cat daily, with your generous donations, up until the end of January!  Thank you thank you thank you from the cats.

The Lunatic was back at the shelter on Grand and Baldwin also.  This person goes there and completely rearranges things.  I spent a good deal of time having to rebuild this shelter as best as I could.  Its very confusing for the kitties also, because its wet inside, the tarp is off so inside is exposed to the elements, its just crazy.  I got back in the truck and wrote a note to Larry, the neighbor across the street, and Mark, who lives next to the lot, asking them to call me if they see ANYONE over there messing with the shelter.  I've GOT to catch this person.

Other than that, all are fed, I wouldn't say happy - I will try to get pictures of the cats that are ready for a home.  There are at least three right now crying when I arrive.  But we'll get em!  :)

Happy New Year all!  xo

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  1. Happy New Year! What day are you coming over this weekend? LMK! (I feel the same way about the new year as Grumpy Cat! ahaha!)