Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22nd! MARIE M.!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to MARIE M.!!!!!  You helped me this morning to feed over 90 cats!!!  Thank you so much for that.  So far, I have had help feeding the homeless cats of Rochester - just a fraction of them anyway - for a total of 48 days so far since this Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign began.  But you know whats astounding?  The remaining days of the year that I still pay for the food out of my own pocket, sans drop off food donations from a few kind folks.  There should be a solution to this by the city/county to help pay for this because they are not helping with the problem, and by neglecting it, they are contributing to the problem of overpopulation of cats and dogs.  I won't get into the dog situation today, but its just as bad (think overbreeding of dogs and selling the pups).  We need more volunteers to go out into the trenches and do TNR, we need more vets to open their doors low cost spay/neuter, we need the city to sponsor a program to help.  But for now, thank you Marie, and all the others, I appreciate your kindness.  So did the kitties that I fed this morning.

Here is a few pictures from Melville this morning.  I am hoping to get Moo adopted, he is the black and white kitty.  These are cats that are cast offs by society - actually, but some jerk who moved out and left his cats to fend for themselves.  Four very sweet adults, and two semi-feral kittens.  The adults are just learning to trust humans again - me.  This fluffy red one now lets me scratch his head.  I've been feeding here since spring, and he was deathly afraid of me, hid far far away when I pulled up, and look at this now, he lets me pet him.  I am hoping to rescue Prince and Snowball, the pair on Parsells.  A girl named Jackie is willing to take them.  Now I just have to do the rescue.  They are both sweet babies.  Shouldn't be too hard. I practiced this morning by pulling on the scruff of their necks.  They are just two of the dozen on this street that I want to rescue. 

MOO from Melville

MUFFY from Melville

A door was stolen from Niagara Street.  This is where there are at least seven cats across the street behind the gate of a large apartment complex.  I slide food under the chain link fence each day, after I feed behind the dumpsters there for the other four or five cats that hang here.  This is where Whitey/Whisper came from - she had three white kittens and one black one.  I rescued her, but her babies are no where to be seen again.  This door was placed so that it would keep the wind out of their shelters that are set up with a tarp over them.  I am hoping that someone will offer another door so that I can replace it.  Anyone have a spare door? 

Today was also TNR Tuesday, and another failure for me.  I set one trap at Fifth and Central, and the other behind Paul's house.  I then went off to do my feedings, coming back every so often to check on the traps.  I know the cats are there, but they just aren't falling for it.  Such disappointment, because its a lot of work to set these traps, feed at 19 stations, and not get one cat in a trap. 

That's it for today.  Not much to speak of.  Thanks for reading and learning about these animals that need our help, and spreading the word. 

Have a nice day.

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  1. I have a door for you Janine!! I can get it to you in the next couple of days :) Also, don't feel bad about TNR - you usually have stopped by now at this time of year due to the weather. It's just weirdly warm so you think you still be TNRing. You are doing GREAT stuff!! And 48 days of donations? That is AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has donated. You are amazing too!! -Kristin