Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3 - CHELSEA and VICKIE!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!  And the Winner is Chelsea and Vickie, all the way from Mississippi!  Thank you so much for contributing to my campaign of Feed a Cat for Christmas.  To know that someone cares that far away truly - well, its just way too kind.  I am sure you have your share of homeless animals in your state, but the Rochester, NY city kitties love you.  :)

To whoever commented the other day on pain meds for Patches, please contact me?  I would like to try them.  He cries in pain when he tries to eat.  I would also need to know the dosage.  Thank you so much.

I had to rebuild one of my shelters on Baldwin and Grand this morning.  Someone - and I can't say someone with bad intentions, but someone with maybe a touch of mental illness came by and placed cardboard down over a board that I feed on, and placed cardboard boxes underneath inside.  They had to have pulled back the very large tarp that covers at least seven or so shelters to do this.  It was done very methodically, but I also think they took a shelter, because there is a gap missing and I just can't remember what was there.  This shelter for these cats is like a little village underneath.  One of my prouder achievements at sheltering a large group of cats.  The shelter is totally exposed to the elements, but underneath they are safe, and fairly warm.  In the thick of winter, when I am walking up to them with the flashlight, you can see the illumination of their little eyes pop out of this shelter, tails wagging, waiting for their breakfast. 

Pics of some of my 'children' from yesterday.  Remember to click on pic to zoom in.

MIDNIGHT from Grand

SKINNY MINNIE from Parsells

LEO from my own hood

GEORGE from Stout and Grand

I was recently rewarded a small grant from Missy's Fund, through the Rochester Hope for Pets not-for-profit organization.  Missy's fund is named after the feral cat "Missy" that gave birth to a litter of kittens on a cold, snowy April day nine years ago in the front yard of Missy's Fund creator Dr. Duane DeHollander. Soon after their birth, the kittens, Missy and the father were all trapped, spayed and neutered, and returned to their outdoor living area in his yard.

Missy and her little brought the feral;/abandoned cat problem close to home for Dr. DeHollander.  He realized that the feral overpopulation is an ongoing issue that can be solved through TNR of feral colonies, and strays.

Their website says if you are working within a feral colony and need assistance with surgery costs, please complete their application on their website.

They have made a difference for me in trying to help all the cats I am trying to help out there.  The grant will pay for half of my spay/neuter for 20 cats.  One by one, if we all take responsibility for just one, we can make a difference!

Have a great day!

"The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: "If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?" But... the good Samaritan reversed the question: "If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?" 


  1. Wow - that's awesome on the grant!

  2. I am not the person who suggested the pain meds, but one that might help is Buprenorphine. It is usually given under the tongue (good luck with that) or between the cheek and gum (not too hard with a syringe--obviously a better choice for Patches). It is a controlled substance so you would have to get a prescription from your vet.

    What appalls me is that your vet sent him home in pain. No responsible, knowledgeable, compassionate vet would do that. I have had great vets and I have had some that I would not let autopsy a roadkill. It was a vet who told me that he could not, in clear conscience, send home a cat that was in pain.--Laurie

  3. I am sure it was buprenorphine that the other person was offering to give janine and I have a 1 ml vial you can have too. The normal dose is only 0.1-0.3 mls so that would give you several more doses. I can also tell you how I found to order the generic thru Wegmans and even the pharmacists name who got it for me and it was incredibly less cost that way, in a box of 5 or 10 1ml ampules. Otherwise it has gotten very expensive especially thru the vet or for the brand name Buprenex

  4. As far as getting the kittens or cats spayed without an eartip the only way you can get them done at RCAC is to go thru a rescue group that is one of the rescue partners. Until you get your 501c3 and can try to be a partner yourself that is.

  5. Janine,

    So glad you applied for and were awarded the grant from Dr. DeHollander's " Missy's Fund". He obviously recognizes the difference you are making in the Beechwood area of the City of Rochester with the Feral and Homeless cat population. Duane volunteered at the Habitat for Cat's clinic every week for a few years and was a generous donor while my wife Karon was President. Thank you very much Duane for being so supportive of Janine's mission. I am honored to be a friend of yours.

    Walt Simoni

  6. Good news for you and your kitties Janine...congratulations. Pain is one of the most ignored symptoms in animal and human health care needs. patient or their family must do a lot to advocate to achieve a comfortable level of control. I hope you can get this and be patient with kitty. perhaps the steroids. which I assume he is on will kick in soon. After reading it seems this can also involve back of throat. very painful I am sure. I am sure you will know when enough is enough Janine. You have good judgment and surely giving him a few months with some pain control is reasonable.. crossing fingers..

  7. That's wonderful you got the grant from Missy's Fund! Every little bit helps, especially when everyone does what little bit they can. Thank you, Dr. DeHollander!