Monday, December 28, 2015

December 26, 27 and 28!!! Maura H., Ginny M. and Pat L.!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Maura - December 26, Ginny - December 27 and Pat - December 28!!!  You each fed close to 90 cats (and maybe a few raccoons and skunk (and don't forget the rats!) each day.  Thank you thank you thank you!  That's a lot of cats!  and rats!  :(  Gross.  They are all over.  Do rats go into winter hibernation?  Does anyone know?  Of course its not winter here yet in Rochester, but it will be.  I hope those disgusting critters go away soon.  Thank you ladies, again, for your help.  I just couldn't do it without you.

It was miserable out this morning with the dampness and the rain.  So much for my hair.  I came back soaked to the bone.  But had one more cat off the street so it didn't matter.  "Lucky" was ever so grateful, you can just tell that about these cats. Once they get over their fear, and shyness, the purring starts, and then the roll overs for belly rubs.  Its amazing the transformation.  I urge any of you to consider foster or adoption of one of these special guys.  They deserve a home just s much as a cat already in a shelter.  If not more.  These guys are not protected.   They are trying to survive out there every minute of the day.  Most of them, the ones I feed, were probably born in captivity, but let go due to neglect and stupidity (I guess I should say ignorance). 

Take for instance, the Puerto Rican guys that always hang at Central near Fifth.  They are out there still drinking at 5 am. when I pull up to feed out in the field where my shelters are each weekend.  They know me, respect me, and always give a cheerful hello.  This time, one of them asked me to come over - I did - he said I have to move and am moving into a place where there are not pets allowed.  I gave him the following spiel:  First off, you should not be moving into a place where they don't accept pets if you have a pet already.  Second, when you have an animal, that is yours for life, no matter what.  What would you do with  your child if children weren't allowed?  Would you try to find another home for it?  I didn't know how these guys would react, but it was like a light bulb going off in their head.  Honest to God, you could see the change in them.  They expressed thanks for showing them the light, and he promised he would not get rid of his cat, and would continue to find another place that accepted them. I told him that the reason I was out doing what I do is because of people with the mindset like that - that these animals are disposable - 'oh, I'll just get another one...'  .    I felt so much better TEACHING them that these animals trust us to do what is best for them. 

Its been quite a weekend.  Today will mark the third rescue in three consecutive days.   Saturday morning was Snowball, Sunday morning was Lucky, and today was Prince!  :)  A very kind woman named Jackie has been out with my on my route twice, and fell in love with Snowball and offered to take a second from that colony, and adopt them straight away.  She will bring them both to the clinic today to have them tested, so say a prayer.  After that, they will be two very spoiled cats, that will join a couple of other feline friends, and one canine white German Shepard!  :)  Sweet!  Thank you Jackie!  Keep those updates coming!



I got Prince this morning!  He was one scaredy cat sitting in the carrier while I finished up my route this morning.  But once I released him from the carrier out into the small room where his food, water and litter box was, not to mention the comfy blanket and warmth of the heat coming through the register, he eased up a bit.  After ten minutes of petting, he said 'hmm, I guess I could get used to this!'  :)  He will be going to the clinic also to be tested before my new friend Eileen takes him back to her house forever.  He will be one spoiled kitty also.  I've been wanting to rescue Prince for a long long time now.  Say a prayer for his test results to come back negative also.  Dang, forgot to take a pic of his captivity - all I have is his old one when he was on the street.

I know I 'brag' every so often about how many cats I've removed from the streets in the Beechwood section of Rochester since January of this year, and I've been at the count of 80 since at least a month ago, but lets say that the number was actually 80.  Of those 80, I think FOUR had to be euthanized due to various injury/illness, TWO are in foster care still, and the rest?  SEVENTY FOUR all found homes.  Pretty cool.  I am proud of that accomplishment.  And now I have a few people reaching out to me for kitties they want to adopt.  I need to take stock of who is out there and adoptable, and I need to push Buddy, and Hermie, both still in foster care, too.

PS, my wish list:  I still need old doors, or boards that are as long and thin as a door! 

Tomorrow is TNR Tuesday, and I have not had much success lately, but will try try again.  Wish me luck.  Last Tuesday of December.  Last TNR attempt until springtime.

Have a nice day.  :)

"And God asked the feline spirit Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul And, as a cat, I am 
most able To decide anything for myself

Are you coming then? asked God.  Soon, replied the
whiskered angel But I must come slowly.  For my human
friends are troubles.

For you see, they need me, quite certainly.  But don't they understand? asked God That you'll never leave them?  That your souls are intertwined for all eternity? That
nothing is created or destroyed? It just is... 
forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand, Replied the glorious cat.  For I will whisper into their hearts That I am always with them
I just am... forever and ever and ever."


  1. Janine,

    Hope you got some much deserved rest over the Holiday weekend. Thanks to everyone who donated to the Adopt a Cat for X-Mas program. Let's see if we could keep it going throughout the entire Winter. What a huge difference that would make for all those hungry and cold Kitties out there. Thank you Janine for the daily sacrifices you make in order for the Kitties to receive their once a day meal.

    Walt Simoni

  2. are you counting Melissa who is now male and living with laurie in that count? I hope so... I don't want these scars for nothing... so glad for all the kitties and especially Prince... yeah