Monday, December 7, 2015

December 5 - Jean! December 6 - Echanted Rose Garden! December 7 - Elizabeth!!

Congratulations to all of you!  JEAN, ENCHANTED ROSE GARDEN, and ELIZABETH!!!  You all helped to feed a cat for Christmas.  Jean, you fed over 70 cats on Saturday, Enchanted Rose Garden, you fed over 70 cats on Sunday morning, and Elizabeth, you fed over 70 cats this morning!  Woo hoo!  Thank you all so much, from the bottom of each of their very little hearts.   Can you imagine, feeding all those cats?  All in the span of an hour and half!  Amazing.  I thank you for your help!!!

There were sirens galore this weekend out in the hood, more so this morning.  Every time I got out of the car (all 19 times), I could hear one.  I was taught very early on to say the Hail Mary when I saw or heard an ambulance.  I said a lot this weekend.

Patches has been receiving pain meds once a day.  I thank those that offered this to me.  Unfortunately, after torturing the poor animal to get it in his mouth, he seems worse off than he did before that.  He now cries in pain, without me even touching him.  I pull him out from under the bed each morning, and the thick drool is wiped away from his mouth.  He won't go near the food, its painful for him to eat.  He cannot groom himself with his tongue, so he has matted fur on certain spots of his body.  I had to clean his paw of the sand from the litter box that was stuck on.  He patiently let me do this.  There are times where he will bat at the string I run across in front of him, so it gives me hope.  But each day he is doing a little worse than the next.

Buttons on the other hand is doing very well.  He now has free reign of the house, but tends to stay in the front bedroom in his little nest he has made in a pillow.  I must find him a home.  He is very very sweet natured.  I still cannot believe this cat was born outside, lived outside his entire life in little colony of others, and the shelters I built, survived at least two winters of his life, and is such a sweet cat.  Its hard to believe, but look at all the other cats I've rescued.  Who knows their story?  Wish they could talk.

Parsley, Prince, and so many others need our help today.  Lets get them off the streets and into warm and safe homes.  Lets not forget Francie, Nora, Buddy, Violet, Hermie and Cammie who need forever homes also.  Please care.  And please share.

Have a great day!

"Count your blessings, not your problems."


  1. Janine, Are you willing to take Patches to Southtowne vet on West Henrietta Rd? They are simply amazing and reasonably priced!!! I will donate $$$ to them for his initial visit/checkup. Dr. Gshrey is one of the best around! I am in no way second guessing your decision, just whatever vet you took him to, that basically wrote him off, from the sounds of it. Please think about it....

  2. I agree that maybe a second opinion is warranted and needed in the case of Patches. Since his condition was not actually diagnosed by the first vet, it may be that another vet will be able to help him. I think it's worth it - and I too am not second guessing you. I just know you hate seeing him suffer and we all to do - especially when there is still hope that he can be cured of what ails him. What do you think?

  3. Janine, whatever you decide about Patches we all understand. But if you takes the 1st comment's suggestion, I'll cover the rest of the visit and she/he doesn't cover. Maybe Kings could take him and we cover the bill? nancy c.

  4. Janine, I agree with the comments. I have heard wonderful things about this vet at Southtowne Veterinary Hospital. I am willing to chip in to help with the vet bill. Patches obviously has a strong will to live. And I know it must hurt like hell to see him suffer and to feel helpless. Please know that there are people who are willing to help and that you are not alone in this.

  5. Oh, that poor cat is ripping my heart out as I know he is yours as well. If I ship you some l-lysine and poultry flavored toothpaste would you use it?
    This Tomlyn L-lysine fish flavored powder:

    and this toothpaste that my boys love and has helped their gums immensely:

  6. I agree about Southtown. Dr Grshrey cured ralphies stomatitis. He is an expert in the area!! Please take them up
    On this generous offer! Julie

  7. Brushing his teeth at this point is not an option!
    Most vets agree that removing the teeth is the current protocol and usually stops the immune response and therefore the inflammation. Is he still on antibiotics and pred and they still arent helping?