Thursday, December 24, 2015

DECEMBER 24!!! Mary P.!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to MARY P.!  Mary, the girl I've known since 2nd grade back in Sacred Heart Grammar School, thank you so much for your contribution to the Feed - A - Cat - for - Christmas!!!  What a wonderful thing to do.  You know how many cats I feed, and how much it costs me a year, so having a month and a half of the food being paid for helps me immensely.  So many good people out there.  Even though cats can be brats - as mine were at 3:30 this morning - chasing a bell around the hardwood floor, another trying to climb up the Christmas tree, another beginning to scratch at the chair, another one hacking something up from its throat (they can be so disgusting) - me shouting at them every five seconds, thank God we have these furry little creatures to bury our noses in their fur and feel all better when we are down.  Again, thanks Mar.

I will start this on a sad note and end on a happy note, how's that?  Very sad news.  Mini Moo (formerly Mike from Melville - who I TNR'd in June of this year), who I rescued yesterday morning because he had a family waiting for him to adopt, went to the clinic for his wellness exam, and test for leukemia.  After the exam, and being told the test would take a while and they would call, Mini Moo went home, only to be brought back to the clinic within minutes after getting the call that his test was positive.  He was brought back to be tested TWICE more, and then sadly had to euthanize him.  My heart broke, and so did his potential adopters.  And so did the vet.  She cried.  Whats sad about this is that he probably could have lived for a year or two, but there aren't enough people to take in these highly contagious leukemia positive cats.  If you have a cat, they cannot be exposed whatsoever. 

Cats can possibly pass the virus between themselves through saliva and close contact, by biting another cat, through a litter box or food dish used by an infected cat.  Cats diagnosed as persistently infected by ELISA testing may die within a few months or may remain asymptomatic for longer. The fatal diseases are leukemias, lymphomas, and non-regenerative anemias. Although there is no known cure for the virus infection.

I once had a cat named Homey, and he was diagnosed as FelV positive, and lucky enough, there was a woman in Spencerport who later became my friend, who had a room in her house dedicated solely to leuk positive kitties.  Homey spent the remainder of his life there, which lasted about a year.  He then dwindled to nothing, skin and bone, and suffered no longer.

So say a little prayer for Mike/Mini Moo.  He is in a better place now, and will never have to suffer, or endure another winter outdoors again.

On a positive note!  Guess who is being adopted today???  Violet and Nora!  Together!  Nora was dumped on Niagara five months ago with her four babies who were only weeks old.  I rescued them, found three of the kittens homes, and then found out that Violet had some kind of eating disorder.  After several several several hundreds of dollars, they still could not diagnose it, but about three or four weeks ago, she began to eat regular wet food - with gravy.  Still is not eating solid hard food, but what a difference this makes.  No more formula mixed with baby food.  She is very small for her age, but oh so cute.  This family that are adopting both have two children, and I am sharing their Christmas pic with you.  These two kids are going to have a Christmas surprise today when I bring them over!  :)  Will share the pics of their surprise tomorrow!  GREAT NEWS!

Now we have Buddy, Hermie and Cammy to find homes for!  And then I can rescue more!! 

Thanks everyone, have a wonderful day.
"Happiness keeps you sweet. 
Trials keep you strong. 
Sorrows keep you human. 
Failures keep you humble. 
And God keeps you going."


  1. I'm so sorry about Mini Moo - tragic; but I housed 2 beautiful kitties until the end with this terrible disease and it wasn't pretty. At least he won't suffer - and great news Violet and Nora!! So nice they stay together. Always good news with the bad (at least hopefully). Enjoy your holidays - Janine; you deserve it and more! Love you, Nancy C.

    Just in case ANYONE here WANTS to know more about the truth about cats who test positive for feline leukemia on the in-office SNAP test.
    Best Friends is a very reliable source of information. and there is a LOT of info on the web about Feline leukemia, what SNAP and Elisa test results really mean, staging, and statistics of the chances of a cat testing positive on the first test ever becoming sick.