Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 2nd! WAGS!

Congratulations Deb (Wags) - all the way from Alabama!  Today is your day to feed the cats!   :)  I will have you know, I fed them for you this morning, and I heard many meows of thanks!  They wanted you to know, as they want everyone to know, how much they appreciate you helping the person that goes out and feeds them.  She just couldn't do it without people pitching in.  That's what they said.  Really.

This morning it was raining lightly, but warm for December.  I had to let the little one in the trap back out at HIS location behind Paul's house on Second Street.  "Scooterpie" was very very quiet the entire time.  I stuck my fingers through the cage a few times since he spent the night, and softly touched him.  He still didn't make a sound, or move.  The one thing about the clinic I take him to is that they really are just a surgical facility, they do not diagnose that often when it comes to a cat in a trap.  Rarely I have been called about something not right.  I did let them know this kitty had a tilted head, which has to mean something, but I received no feedback or further instructions, no one from the moment of surgery was still there when Scooterpie was picked up.  I hope that the Revolution he was given takes care of what I suspect could be an infection or infestation of mites?  Regardless, its HEARTBREAKING for me to release these cats. 

I pulled up to my spot on Central and Fifth and there was a car sitting there, a white guy with the inside light on and window down.  It was a black Charger.  I thought to myself, what is that guy doing?  I got out and went to the back of the vacant lot to do my feeding, came back, got in car, went to drive away and the guy waved.  I think it was an unmarked police car.  It was nice to get a wave.

FRANCIE - She needs a home desperately!

NORA - She needs a home desperately!


Speaking of nice, yesterday morning, I was on Garson, heading to the back of that empty lot where I have shelters and feed, and a white woman was walking (yes, I know, at the unGodly hour of 5 am. - WHY???), and said 'do you feed feral cats?' and I said yes!, and explained in 30 seconds that I feed a lot of them around there.  She commented how nice, and then asked if I TNR also, and I said yes!  I told her I had one in a trap in the backseat right now, and she said how nice.  As I walked away, she said 'thank you for doing that.'  I can't tell you how much that touched my heart.  To hear that from a complete stranger, and knowing there is compassion at that time, in the dark, from a total stranger, it just melted me.  Thank you stranger for making my day!  :)

VIOLET - needs a loving home

HERMIE - needs someone to love him unconditionally

My sister Karen, who has been fostering Nora and her baby Violet, reports that Violet vomited all the canned food she ate.  So she is back to baby food and formula for now.  We will keep trying, with every kind of food we can find out there.  She is ready for spaying, she has really put on weight and grown, but now to find a low cost place to do this at.  The clinic I bring my TNR's to - apparently I don't make the income bracket level to have my adoptable rescues done there.  Oddly enough.  I used to use Petsnippers program at County Line, but apparently I can't get spots now.  I need to figure out where I can get these kitties, especially the kittens, fixed without eartipping, and costing me a fortune.  Its a crime what is happening with vets and not providing this service at low cost rates.  After all, spaying and neutering is the most important thing we can do as responsible human beings.  And it really does take a village!

CAMMY - Needs adoption!

Thats all I got for today.  Make it a good one.

"Love animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled. Do not trouble their joy, don't harass them, don't deprive them of their happiness, don't work against God's intent. Man, do not pride yourself on superiority to animals; they are without sin, and you, with your greatness, defile the earth by your appearance on it, and leave the traces of your foulness after you--alas, it is true of almost every one of us!"

        --Fyodor Dostoyevsky 


  1. Shoot, I was really hoping Violet was going to be eating real food from now on. What in the heck is going on with that poor baby? At least she's gaining weight and is a happy girl.

  2. I think you mentioned that it was Iams some kind of shreds or chunks and gravy. I think the consistency of the food might be important to her sensitive tummy so why dont you try something eadily digestible like NATURAL BALANCE CHICKEN canned. Mix it in with the formula and increase amount slowly. She still seems to be tolerating solids a bit better than before right?