Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17th!!! Jacqueline W!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to JACQUELINE W!!  You are today's feeder of ALL THOSE CATS out there!  Let me tell you, 19 stops, and about five cats average at each stop.  At my count, that's 95 cats!  That's a lot of cats.  And they thank you for feeding them.  At each location, their bowls were empty and they were crying.  There are some beautiful boys and girls that need homes.  I told them breakfast was here, and wished them a safe day.  Thank you so much Jacqueline.  By the way, I want to mention, I now have enough food to feed until January 4th!  Thank you for the wonderful response to this campaign.  I will continue to send out awards and thank every who has donated, and will continue into January if need be.  A new year!

I am sitting here smiling because I have received such wonderful support in light of this mob mentality that has settled in this past week on my blog.  I have to sort of laugh at people (wackos) that can do this - someone said these type of people would lot and pillage their own families homes if they thought someone had done something wrong.  It does remind you of the old Salem witch hunts...  

I can tell you this - all of the comments expressed this week were missing one thing.  The actual facts.  The actual severity of Patches stomatitis.  It wasn't 'only stomatitis'.  Only myself, and the two veterinary offices know the facts.  And speaking of that, I did alert those offices about what was said about information being given to any other person but me, Patches Mom, and of course, being the good, ethical doctors that they are, assured me that they were not giving any information out to anyone.  Those of you close to me, thank you for reaching out to me personally and not even questioning my judgment.  I also want to thank my friend from a wonderful rescue group for reaching out to me this week.  They asked what all this craziness was about and trusted me enough with the care of my precious boy.  There is another group that has helped with Patches ever since his rescue, and I want to thank you also.  Would like to thank publicly, but I am positive you don't want to be involved in this insanity.  :)

Little Pepper, the kitten I rescued and was adopted by Lillian, the 86 year old sweetheart who I remain friends with today, had ONLY stomatitis and had all her teeth removed before the age of one.  I went through all of that with her.  That is just one instance.  Don't think for a minute that I don't know what I am doing when it comes to medical issues with animals.  And don't think for a minute, you, that I tell you everything.  When there are irrational people in your life, you tend to minimize what you say to them.  Thank God I have true friends in my life, that have gone through the worst with me, and are still my friends.  Thank God my mother instilled in me patience and calmness in the eye of a storm.  I have always been the one to remain calm.  Patience, well, that is not so much of a virtue for me, but calm is.  Friends and family have always known that about me.  I am not a fighter, I'm a lover.  I like to sit back and watch, and think before I speak.

Speaking of storms, at around 5:10 this morning, as I was pouring food down for the skinny black girl (we are talking cats here) that greets me every morning at the boarded up house on Central and Third, I saw a flash of light in the corner of my eye.  I turned around, thinking it might be a cop with their light they have outside their window.  I continued, and then heard this loud BOOM!  It was thunder!  I just thought it odd, here it is, December 17th.  And then then rains came.....

TNR Tuesday produced no results.  I set a trap here, and then there, and nothing.  Behind the house on Parsells there is still another kitten, a fluffy red kitten, and a young white and grey kitty, that have not been fixed.  They just wouldn't bite.  I feel its such a waste, especially when I have to run around like a maniac feeding AND setting traps and checking on them.

On Monday, as I pulled up to the spot on Pennsylvania and Fourth, my heart sank.  I walked to the back of my garden lot, and someone had stolen two very beautiful shelters that were purchased, put together and brought on two separate mornings to me because of their bulkiness.  They were donated to me with love, and the cats had made sweet little deep nests in each of them since they were delivered.  I have never been more sad.  Not only did these cats lose their comfort, but the money that these cost, and the effort to build and deliver - such a shame.  I was really down that day driving away, thinking how cruel that is.  Will, the homeless guy on the bike rode up to me as I was getting into the car.  He had on the jeans I purchased for him mid summer.  Nice nice man.  I asked him to keep a lookout for these shelters, as he knows this area well.  He felt bad, and said he would.  It was worse telling my friend who donated them to me that they were gone.

I think that's it for today.  A family will be coming over to meet Buddy from Baldwin on Saturday.  I have had the pleasure of having Violet all week here at my house since her surgery.  She is just the cutest little sweetest little fluffball.  She ate the entire bowl of wet food this morning without a problem.  She is cured!  Well, almost.  I have yet to see her eat dry food.  She is also an expensive little kitten because she spent a lot of time at the vets trying to figure out what was wrong with her!  She also has a few people interested in her!



"Never judge someone by the opinion of others."

"Life is not about who's real to your face.   Its about who's real behind your back."


  1. She's back in the saddle and riding high!! I'm so glad you took the high road thru all this crap and have such a positive attitude Janine. I would have missed your blog something fierce!! Thank you for all you do. Love you, Nancy C.

  2. Janine,
    The cost of the shelters, delivery, etc meant nothing. What stings is the thought of those poor kitties that were using one of the nicer things they have ever had, to only have it stolen by some heartless miscreant is what broke my heart. The EVIL people that took them will pay. God will see to that. I truly believe those shelters didn't go far. You tell Will, a big reward will come his way if he sees them & let's you know where he saw them. I will handle the rest. We'll get something in place, temporarily, until we can build something similar. Job well done to every single person that has ever stepped up for these 'throw-away' kitties. YOU all give me hope that there is still some good in this world. Peace to all....

  3. Janine- You rent that land from the town. It's yours so you can report that theft to the police. They were part of your "Garden Structure." Uh, did you look in the neighbor's garage? Anyway, the next time we get great constructed shelters like that agin, we're staking them to the ground, good and deep! But, I'm guessing you'd like me to bring two shelters this Sunday? -Sheryl

  4. Is there anything nearby that you can chain and lock the shelters to? So ridiculous is has to come to this!

  5. Here's my hope.... I hope whomever took them really uses them. I'm guessing that the individual that stooped so low to steal from homeless cats, probably doesn't do much for their own poor pets so if it brings some shelter to their animals, then I guess it's not a total loss. At least they will have something nice....

  6. Crystal and I have some Styrofoam coolers.. about 8 if you would like them

  7. I hope you got my reply to your email a couple days ago. The gist of it was, that we support you and know how much thought and care you put into the decisions you make for each cat.

    That really sucks about the stolen shelters. I wonder if you posted a reward for their safe return? We could raise the money. ;)