Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CONGRATS to GEORGE! and TNR Tuesday!

CONGRATULATIONS to GEORGE!!!- you helped to feed not just one, but over SEVENTY cats today!  Amazing, simply amazing.  $40 will feed over 70 cats.  When you think about it, $40 is not a lot of money to a lot of people, but its an enormous amount when you multiply that times seven days a week, and then multiply that times 365 days a year.  And that does not cover medical costs, which is another enormous amount.  So thank you to those that have contributed to this never ending (for now) cause.  I am on a mission, and I need your help to complete.  Thank you so much.

Today is going to be a day from hell.  First off, I trapped a sweet soul on Short Street this morning.    "Stan" is a sweet kitty (don't know if boy or girl) that showed up with Stevie (the kitty I trapped a couple of weeks ago) at this location and they are starving each morning.  They go crazy with the food.  They are handleable, and friendly.  Its so sad each time I have to return the good ones.

The intention was to set a trap on Ferndale and Webster, but guess who came strolling by at 4:10 am.  Yes, Crazy Maryleigh.  So had to do a few stops before going back to set the trap.  First though, I had to see if she was in the back of the lot where we found she has been feeding cats, and where there are dead cats inside this crazy structure she built back there.  Sure enough, out she comes, as silent as a mouse.  I drove alongside her, as she walked back toward her house, in silence.  Set the trap.  Nothing.  Set a second trap after I finished up the back nine on Parsells, and there were a couple that were sniffing, but not biting.  If I had more time, and didn't have a full time job to get to, I would have gotten one of these black and white cats that look either pregnant, or full of worms. 

Here is what my day looks like:  So, I haven't had heat in my car for two weeks now due to something going wrong and they had to order this part.  My mother will meet me at the dealer where I have to drop off the car, and she will drop me off at work.  THEN, Stan from Short Street will need to be dropped off at the clinic.  THEN I need a ride to my house at 1:45 to pick up Patches where he is going for a second opinion at a local vet, for one last time.  THEN, will need a ride back home!  THEN have offered a friend to pick up two kittens she adopted from me, from the second to last bunch of kittens that I 'rescued' from the woman on Trust Street, Cleo and Blu, from the vet who is doing their spay/neuter as she has to work nights and will be sleeping.  THEN will need a ride to the dealership to pick up my car, where in total, I will have paid $366 + $60 = $416?   Goodyear charged me $60 to do a diagnostic test on the car, only to tell me that I would have to call a dealership to have the part ordered there.  I have used Goodyear and have always left there feeling used and overcharged.  I will hopefully not have to ever go back to Goodyear.  I have yet to have my rear brakes replaced to the tune of another $400.  I sure do need a new vehicle.  Ya think?  THEN have to pick up Stan from the clinic where he will spend the night on my porch.  Is  your head spinning yet?  Please say a prayer for me today.

UPDATE:  I have cancelled today's appointment for Patches.  
Whoever offered to donate towards Patches vet bill, please feel free to call before 2:30 today at Animal Hospital of Rochester on University Avenue - 585- 730-7704 - I have spent hundreds on this cat already, I thank those of you who offered in yesterdays comments.

Have a wonderful day all.

"Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in Everyday."


  1. I already donated. Are you taking him another day? Or should I ask for a refund?

    1. I am so sorry. Refund? I am waiting to hear from South towne Veterinary Hospital to find out when I can bring him there, as so many have suggested. I am so so so so sorry.

    2. I called & asked for a refund from Animal Hosp of Roch. I will donate to Southtowne when you tell us he has an appt there. Thanks.

  2. I called the number you gave to donate toward the bill for Patches and they told me the appointment had been cancelled. Please let us know when the appointment is at Southtowne.

  3. Janine. you are free to use my Toyota any time. also.. switzers in Ontario on 104 Is the most honest guy around.. he cares.. would never start a diagnostic on something he suspects needs dealers attention. I also can transport kitties to vet if needed. you could write up the history,and I could let dr. read it. and return kitty to your home. any time honey

  4. I'm praying for you! And still praying God will stop Maryleigh from interfering with your cats and also stop her from torturing and killing animals. Something's got to give, Lord! :(