Monday, December 21, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tracy, Alan and Michael!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Tracy S.,  Alan O., and Michael K.!!!  Tracy helped to feed kitties on Saturday, December 19th, Big Al helped to Feed a Cat for Christmas on Sunday, December 20, and Michael helped to feed kitties on Monday, December 21!  Total combined kitty feedings 95+ x 3 = - that's a lot of cats!  Thank you for helping me to help them each day!

Saturday morning it was freezing out there.  29 degrees with a wind chill.  Sunday morning it was 29 degrees with no wind chill.  What a difference that wind makes.  This morning, very mild.  40s?  I had to drop my car off after my route, another set of brakes.  I can't think of how many sets of brakes I've had since I've owned my car since 2006.  Today it will be $327 + tax.  Labor = highway robbery.  And now the Jeep's check engine light has been on since yesterday.   Its always something.

Something interesting happened this morning - sort of ...  As I went to the back porch of the boarded up house on 3rd and Central to put food down for the fluffy grey, the white with black spots, and the brown tabby, I saw someone had placed a large flat screened television on top of my shelters there.  I thought, hmmmm...  this is a stolen TV.  I finished up my feeding, got back in the car, and hemmed and hawed about dialing 911 to report it.  I thought, what if I do and the person that left it there retaliates and destroys my shelters?  What if, what if, what if....  and as I was slowly driving away, phone in hand, here comes a cruiser.  I opened my window and flagged him down.  One good looking cop pulls up.  :)  I told him the story, he drove off to check it out, I turned around, watched him  :) and then pulled up as he had now had the TV off the porch and on the back trunk of his car, looking it over with his flashlight.  I pulled up and he said he would run the numbers of it, but mentioned it had a crack on the top of the screen, which might make the picture bad, he didn't know.  He thanked me (again), and I wished him a good day.  He was very cute.  :)  Have I ever mentioned I love cops?  :)

Baldwin and Grand

I went shopping yesterday for a last minute item for my mother at a shop in Penfield and met the owners.  This establishment is named Enchanted Rose Garden and it has the coolest gifts in the world.  Gifts for yourself too.  (wink).  :)   The second you walk in the door you are taken aback by all the stuff that awaits you.  The wonderful scents, the beautiful pottery, samples of food.  All good stuff.  Anyways, as I was meandering, I saw the woman, who I've spoke to each year that I go in there to buy little gifts, and I said Thank you Eileen for your donation to the Feed a Cat For Christmas!  She looked at me and said Is that really you??  HA!  I felt like a celebrity after she called for her daughter, and husband, and employee to meet me.  :)  She made me feel special.  Anyways, we got to talking, and she is hoping to do more for me.  She thought what I do is great.  I invited her to come ride with me some morning.  She also is interested in a cat, as her other kitty had passed recently.  So, I am on the lookout for her.  I know the perfect one on Melville too!  Black and white kitty, one of the four throwaways that I've been feeding since this jerk moved out and left his cats. 

She also asked about the 501c3 tax exempt status that I've been slowly working on.  I told her that the attorney that I was hopeful for turned out that she had to charge me.  I am looking for a pro bono attorney to help me with this.  There have been a lot of people who have donated to the cause - so far collected is $500 and the money is just sitting there.  I was told by this original attorney that the filings would be over $1000, so this $500 would help to go for that fee, but I cannot afford attorney fees, so please spread the word.  Usually with the new year, attorneys are given a certain amount of hours they need to use for pro bono work.  Please help if you can by spreading this request around to your friends.  Thanks everyone. 

There are so many kitties that need rescuing.  Please spread the word about them too.  Hermie is slowly coming around in his new foster care, and Buddy is doing great in foster care.  Both looking for that perfect home for Christmas also. 

  Meditate. Live purely. Be quiet.
Do your work with mastery.
Like the moon, come out
from behind the clouds!


  1. That's nice that you were able to meet Eileen face to face! I hope she tells all her friends about you and the cats. And I hope she'll adopt one!

    BTW, I'm sure you appreciate cops and all that, but we know you just love a good looking man in uniform! Any uniform. hahahaha!

  2. Janine Maybe she will take a fIV positive kitty since she is one kitty home??? how about your boy? Sueann