Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18th!!! Mary Ellen F!

CONGRATULATIONS to MARY ELLEN F.!!!  Today was YOUR day!  Thank you for helping me to feed 95+ cats their one meal of the day this morning!  Don't forget, I go through 30+ pounds of dry food EACH DAY, and well over a 24pk. of wet food EACH DAY.  I can't tell you how much it helps me to have help in this regard.  Really.  Think about this:  $40 x 365 days = $14,600.!!  That's a lot of kibble.  Now you know why I am constantly broke.

I was going through Patches paperwork this morning, and saw that I have had him at various vets at least 10 times since early October.  God he was terrified of going each time.  I had to trick and push him into the carrier, which is another reason why he lost trust in me.  All the times I tried to pill him myself, give him liquid pain injections into his mouth, he hated it.  I found his collar in my pocket this morning, and was overcome with grief again.  Although it didn't last that long, because I know I did the right thing.  He was such a good boy too.  Such a loss, but he is happy, and pain free now.  He is buried in my yard, along with so many others.  We fastened a fine cross to place over his grave.  He is in heaven with God now.  I also think God was shaking his head this week too.  I think through all this backlash with people that turned against me is that most of you forgot that Patches was also positive for FIV.  He had a lot of cards stacked against him.  Someone said to me that people in rescue are 'catty', and that's a pretty apropos word to use.  I remember being in high school and there were certain cliques and I remember thinking, I am in neither the sports one nor the drug one, or the popular one or the unpopular one, I am friends with each and all of them.   Most of the few rescues we have in this county have people in them that are great, kind and wonderful people, but there are always a few radicals in them.  I choose to be my own group.  Me, myself and I.  And so far its worked.  If that makes me not a team player in my adult years, I know why.  Cliques hurt others, they makes people feel unworthy, and its a horrible feeling to have.  I hate hate, and I would rather extend my hand to an enemy than to hurt them.

Patches Pre Rescue
Its getting cold out there.  I heard on the news this morning that someone is going to get some significant snow.  Close to Rochester.  Its coming.  Its so easy for me to get out of my car, walk to the feeding stations, and hop back in, and drive to the next one.  Last year was horrendous.  We must have had significant snow each day - I think our total snowfall broke a record for the winter last year.  Each spot would need to be shoveled, and each day it would be over two hours I was out there feeding, until I could come home and hurry to get ready to go to my full time job.

I also heard on the news this morning that there was a shooting on Melville and Webster last evening.  That is  at the end of the street where my first colony is, and its also a block away from my other location, near Crazy Maryleigh.

I brought two plastic totes to the location where the other two were stolen.  Lets see if they are there tomorrow.  There was some dude walking past as I was walking past my truck and I called to him - was going to ask him if he lived in the area, and if he knew of anyone with shelters that didn't belong to him.  He kept walking.  He refused to talk to me!  As I was steaming about this, I thought, woops, maybe that was Tim, the guy that lives next door that hates me.  The one that destroyed all my shelters prior to me getting the garden permit.  I know you all are thinking he might have taken them.  Who knows.  I kind of doubt it, but who knows. 

I guess that's it for today.  Again, its been an emotional week, and I thank all of you for your help and support after all these years.  I received so many words of encouragement.  I love you guys!!!  :)

"Always show more kindness than seems necessary, because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know."

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  1. Keep your head up and continue to do the great work you do.