Friday, February 6, 2015

Just Around the Corner!

Well, Sawyer was not wanted by the family that came to see him.  I am sure it was because I told her he could not be declawed, and all she kept saying was 'what about the furniture', even after I gave her several alternatives to it, and told her it was barbaric.  Its sad, but maybe he is better off.  She seemed hesitant about Sawyer not going outside also.   I know you won't all agree, but for me, cats that are let outside are the ones I eventually wind up feeding, and sheltering, and neutering.  Probably not the folks that read this, but the rest of the population.    Its dangerous out there for these domestic animals, and they shouldn't ever be let outside after they have lived a homeless life, for any amount of time.  Think about the day you let your cat out, only to have it not return.  For me, its like losing a child, you are physically ill over it, or mentally at least.  I know I am.

By the way, Sawyer is disease free, and is now a she.  Ha.  He was completely vetted yesterday, and is ready for adoption!

The woman who rides with me, Nancy, texted me last evening, as she always does, to let me know to pick her up in the morning.  When this occurs, I leave the house around 4:20, go do the first half of the route myself, and pick her up at 5 (she can't get up any sooner).  Last night she said to pick her up at 4:15 but I corrected her and said that is when I would leave the house, that I would pick her up at 4:30, which would give me time to do the first two spots, and then pick her up.  At 4:30, I was in front of her apartment building on the corner of East Main and Goodman, and she was not there.  I honked, texted her, and waited.  I finally drove off, knowing I would have to do the rest of the route, by myself, in the dark.  It IS scary to think about, but I put one foot in front of the other and just continued, because the animals are all waiting for me.  I depend on someone at least to ride in the back as security, or someone to help at spots where I need them to hold a board or two, even just ride along for companionship.  So it was doubly hard on me this morning, but I did it, and I did it in record time.  I was disappointed, but what can you do?  She overslept, or something, and I am sure she felt bad.  She still has not texted me.

The snow is still there, and its 8 degrees.  FREEZING.  But spring is just around the corner!  :)

Lord grant me the strength to be content where I am. The patience to wait on Your timing. & the faith to remember that You have Your hand always on my heart.

Have a great day!

Patience with others is 
Patience with self is
Patience with God is


  1. Gasp ! de claw a cat ? it is extremely cruel,, and I am oh so glad the woman opened her mouth about it to you Janine, ...... at best, i hope she at least adopts from a shelter, an unfortunate cat that has already been de clawed, and then been passed onto a shelter........ I feel sick at the very thought of de claw and the the way they do it,, and this kitty dodged a bullet that could otherwise be put to good use. You are thorough in your screening of applicants and one of the many reasons you have a lot of followers..

  2. Any of the Vetinarians I take my pets too,, will not do de clawing, perhaps they know better than us .

  3. Glad to hear that Sawyer didn't go to that lady! Hopefully declawing will become illegal in New York soon. The thing that bothered me the most was ,you said that she wanted to declaw him and wanted to also let him go outside too !! Oh heavens no ! How would he defend himself ?It was a blessing Sawyer didn't go home with them. I pray for a cat that does get them as their forever family !

  4. Agree, it hopefully will be banned everywhere, and in New York first ! i know a Rochester business owner who purchased 2 expensive pedigree cats from a breeder, and then had them de clawed, and explained it away to me saying, the cats were purchased for their daughter, 3 yrs old at the time,, and also to protect their expensive furniture......and, that the cats go outside ( are put outside more likely) I do not frequent this persons business.any longer., ...