Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hump Day

Did anyone see this moon?  I did yesterday morning.  You were all probably sleeping away while I was out digging snow and going behind abandoned houses in the dark!  It was a beautiful sight.  They call it a snow moon.  A full moon in February is called a snow moon because that's often when we see some of the heaviest snowfall.

It was a balmy 23 degrees out this morning. I was so bundled up, prepared for zero temps, that I wound up removing half my stuff before I got home.  It still took me nearly two hours to do my thing, in comparison to just over an hour on good days.  It so hard to trudge through the snow at some locations, where I am going to the back of empty fields.  Even though I’ve created a path by foot the past two days that we had all that snow dumped on us, its still hard to maneuver.  Nancy came with me this morning - Nancy Nancy Nancy, what can I say?  She has good intentions.  But she is clumsy.  At one spot, as I was doing my thing at the shelter there, I heard her say 'can you help me Janine', and I turned around and she had fallen in a big pile of snow.  I pulled her up and said 'I warned you that you would be covered in snow if you came with me today!' and sure enough, that was true.  She told me about some cats in an area not far from where I feed that had no shelter, but she said someone was feeding them.  She borrowed a shelter from me, and made another, and in her shopping basket, carted them down to this location (she doesn't drive and she lives near the public market) and asked the homeowner if she could put the shelters behind his house for the cats, and he refused, saying he would throw them out if she left them there.  I asked her to show me the place, so we drove there, and sure enough, there were cats.  I went to a little church next door, where there was a heat vent that left a space where no snow was, and I placed food and water down, and made cat calls hoping they would come find it after I left.  I hate this stuff.  Its too sad.

The ideal situation for me would be if every homeowner, or at least every other, or at least every other four homeowners would take responsiblity for just one cat in their community.  If they won't allow it in, then at least give it shelter, and feed it.  And call me for God's sake, if they don't know what to do, to get it fixed!  This would solve a lot of problems in these communities with over population. In fact, the city should have a program for people to do this, and pay for the cat food for these people that are willing.  We need to have more marketing for this problem, commercials on television.  There are so many ideas I can't put them all down!  But it up to each of us to help!  uggh... get me off this soapbox, I need to get to work.

Great news!  Gemma is most likely being adopted on Saturday!  If you will recall, her name was Garson before, I thought she was a he.  She came from Garson Avenue, I had been feeding her since the fall.  She ran to me each morning, trudging through the snow, high winds, pouring rain, just to greet me.  I knew she had to be rescued, and with the help of a friend, who reached out and said, I will take your next neediest kitty, Gemma found safety, warmth, and a permanent shelter over her head.  

I did not see Chico again this morning, nor Fluffypants.  Lets not forget our Elvis, Jelly Bean, and Sawyer now!  They need homes!!!

So all in all, its another fine day.

Make it a great one!

"Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress."


  1. I saw the moon last night and it was so pretty!

  2. Yes I saw the moon, but was not out for any longer than a quick ppe pee for my doggy, who quickly ran back inside ! Agree that the existance of TNR and its low cost or gratis, needs a whole lot more broadcasting. I should also mention tho, I have told several persons (whom at least appear to be normal ) who have a cat population, or, that have an un speyed female, / entire Tom , about the programs availible for de-sex, TNR, and they still refuse to act, or accept all manner of help, unless I am offering free cat food and litter ! this is so frustrating for me, cant imagine how it must make you feel Janine.......

  3. Only you would be disrobing at 23 degrees. Have I thanked you lately for EVERYTHING you do for these poor abandoned kitties? -carol