Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Butts and Guts

That’s the name of a class they have here in the gym that I attend.  Although between last week’s bout with sciatica, and this week shoveling, who needs exercise?  I got quite a workout this morning – the total package – I think this morning was the hardest morning I’ve had in a year.  I left the house at 4:15, shovel in hand, and didn’t get home until 6:30.  I ache so bad, every muscle and bone in my body.  I’ve taken 800 mg of Ibuprofen and I hope it kicks in quick.  I can barely walk.  The snow was surely up to my knees, and some lots I have a long way to walk to the back of, so from street – the banks that were made by the street plows, I sank up to my hip.  I know the fear of what it must be like being in an avalanche, I think, because when you step down, you don’t think its going to be that deep, but it was.  Very difficult to walk and create the path.

But enough complaining about me.  It’s the poor animals out there. It was below zero degrees when I went out to begin my rounds. Where Fluffypants hangs, he looked so forlorn.  He was covered in snow, his long fur clinging to it, he must have had to try to hop through it.  As I left him, he was just sitting there watching me, even though there was food behind him.  I haven’t rescued him because he wasn’t around every day, so I was thinking Brenda, Sherelle’s mother, who lives around the corner, was taking him in.  But that’s not a life for him regardless.  He does deserve a home.  But I will need to find someone to adopt or foster him before I can get him.

I have not seen Chico in a few days either  I was trying to rescue him over the weekend, but I don't know where he is gone.  His 'home' has been the white styrofoam box you see in the background.

In the meantime, I have Sawyer in my bathroom which is another matter.  Its very difficult for me to have an extra cat in my house.  And its hard on them.  I am waiting to see if I can get him into a clinic where they won’t ear tip him, but up until this minute, I have not heard back from the person who was trying to help me out.  He needs neutering, all his shots, testing, etc.  He is a very sweet boy though.  Just the perfect cat.  He is face bumping me now.  And quite the cuddler, he could stay on your lap forever.  I can’t believe these cats can survive on the streets for as long as they do.  I know this sounds silly, but I swear, when I first opened the carrier in my bathroom to let him out, and spent a little time with him calming his fear, I thought I saw tears in his eyes.  I know that sounds silly, but he isn’t sick with upper respiratory, so maybe there were tears of gratitude in his eyes!


Callaway and Tigger (his big sister!)
Tigger Update:
"Yes those are pics of Tigger they sure do look alike in the dark I have to feel the paws to tell them apart since Webster has the extra toes.  His pee barely smells now so that is great and he uses the litter box all the time. He purrs up a storm all the time now too and loves to be part of the family.  He is always in the room with the most people and cats now so he is no longer a loaner. If I get up in middle of the night he is like my shadow too. :)  He is such a gem we just love him. My Callaway seems to be his favorite human and he kisses her on the face all the time and his favorite Place to lounge now is on my husband's shoes in the hallway by front door."

Happy news.

Have a great day!

“If you can live with less of what you have.
You can be more of who you are.” 


  1. hey Janine, hope your story gets out there quick, winter is the hardest time of all for you to be doing this, surely it will impact on people to know that you do this every single day, no matter what the weather....btw, Im curious about the request for a non ear tipped cat.....do potential adopters give you a reason why, they want this ? ( like you need the extra burden of running around finding a Vet clinic that will break the rules to do this ! ) surely an act of kindness should be done without conditions, especially where a defenceless animal is concerned, no ?

  2. Glad to hear Tigger is doing so well. Bless his Mom, Dad and favorite human (Callaway) for all the love and great home they have afforded him. Thank you Janine (Cat Angel) for rescuing him and the hundreds of others you have over the years.

    Walt Simoni