Monday, February 9, 2015

Two Hours

Yes, thats how long it took me this morning.  From the time I left the house at 4:15, I shoveled out at least 16 locations, not only for me to walk about, but for them to get out and stretch their legs and do their business in a small shoveled out area that isn't over their heads.  We had at least eight inches of snow fall since Sunday morning when I last left them (two to three inches Saturday night) - it was surely higher in the drifts created by the winds we had - mid-thigh.  Another tough morning, tomorrow another tough morning, and the day after that.  It is difficult walking through snow like that, even if I've created a tiny path to walk on.  Can you imagine how exhausting it is for those tiny animals with their tiny muscles?

As you know, I see heartbreak every day.  I have learned to tune it out a bit, just get the job done.  Knowing I've done a lot of good by not only feeding and sheltering these homeless animals, but also rescuing them.  As I was driving home yesterday, with Sunday Sheryl with me, she pointed out a cat on the sidewalk on Goodman, totally out of place, in front of businesses, at 5:30 am.  Now of course I know this isn't someone's 'Fluffy' they just let out for a second - this was a true homeless cat.  I pulled over, grabbed my food and bowls, and crossed the street and slowly placed the food down calling for this little animal.  It was scared to death, and just froze there on the side walk a short distance.  I turned and left, and it slowly, hesitantly went toward it, still frightened, thinking it might be a trap or something?  I placed it on a shoveled out driveway to a business way back from the road, knowing it wouldn't be there long, but hopefully the little thing would have a bite to eat.  THAT was heartbreaking to me.  And on top of it, Sheryl didn't make things any better for me by saying things like - 'that cat is really homeless', and 'that poor cat is frightened to death'. When I see stuff like that, I need positivity - fake it if you have to!  I see so much seven days a week, just lie to me and say its probably got a home just down the street, or something!  Its like Nancy, who starts to cry when she sees the cats, its me always consoling her - who is consoling me??   But let me be clear, Sheryl didn't mean it to hurt me (she actually didn't 'hurt' me, why did I say that!), nor does she know the way I think - I am just a very extra sensitive person, ask my mother!  I hope you are laughing at me now Sheryl!  :)  UPDATE:  I adore Sunday Sheryl, she is the only person willing to help me out at that time of day.  I am a terrible writer.  It wasn't supposed to come out that she did anything wrong!  She is a sweetheart and makes me laugh when I want to cry.  I was just stating what occurred.  And my feelings.  As she put it after we drove off and after I scolded her (we have a fun relationship!) cause I then got so depressed - she said, 'Hey' aren't you glad I pointed the kitty out!'  and I agreed.  It at least ate that one meal, hopefully, before the storm hit.  :(

Another thing I wanted to point out - I've needed small boards for a while now, and every time I go out, I forget that I need them and wind up leaving a spot knowing I should have placed a small board over something during storms like this.  This storm especially, is coming from the north west, and some of my feeding spots are open to the north, of course the shelter openings face the east, but some of the spots where I place the food is open to the north.  There is one tote shelter on Central that was being used by a cat that was being shut out of the larger shelter in back - as I said, cats can be territorial.  The shelter opening is vulnerable to the snow during storms like this and it would help if i had a little board to lean against it to block out the winds and snow.  I knew of a large board on the next street that didnt' look like it was being used, just leaning against a building.  There was a guy plowing across the street, and when I went out to get the board, he said 'hey, thats my board!' - I went up and introduced myself, told him what I was doing, said I wasn't STEALING the board, just borrowing it to help this little shelter across the way.  He said I couldn't have it.  I left, disheartened.  The man, knowing it would help a homeless animal, couldn't give a ____ . After I went to the spot and did the feedings, and shoveling, I felt like going back there and saying, 'hey, by the way, the D & C is doing a story on me, and I will be sure to mention the kindness I receive from people like you - NOT.  Seriously, some people are a$$______s.  Sorry, it was a swearing, cursing kind of morning after that.

I love Gemma's white whiskered eyebrows!

My little spunky Gemma, who was rescued from Garson about three weeks ago? was delivered to her new home Saturday morning to a very sweet family with two sweet little girls.  Here is what her new mom has to say about her:  "Things started a little rocky as Gemma hid until about 6 pm last night but I had my husband lift the couch and I picked her up and snuggled her and she hasn't left me alone since! She purrs A LOT!  very playful girl and she has settled in just fine she owns the house now. She ate and used her litter box and is currently "kneeding" my bed with her paws and purring. Thank you so much I'm in love :) she's such a sweet girl :)"

Thanks Samantha, for giving Gemma a good home!  Please keep her safe.  Thats all I ask.  And I got a call from a perspective adopter for Sawyer!  GREAT WEEKEND!  :)

Have a great day!

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. 

These are the qualities that define us

as human beings, and propel us,

on occasion, to greatness.” 


  1. Janine,
    Sorry you had such a terrible morning. Please do not be so rough on Sunday Sheryl. At least she is out there helping you. More than most of us readers do.

  2. Hi Janine - hopefully the snow will stop soon! You are doing a great job and we all need to vent occasionally! Glad Gemma is settling into her new house!

  3. You never need to explain, or placate any of us darling, about anything you do or say, we get it and love you so much for it. It truly is a miricle how you do this every single day of the year, at such an un Godly hour, in a rough part of town. I met a man yesterday that has done extrordinary work with all kinds of wild animals, both before, and after each module he stressed that anything is possible, but the result is dependant on many outside factors that you have no control over, and,that his astonishing results were not the work of him alone, it took a whole team of trainers and interns each doing there bit every single day for 4 months on call. . My point is, You are pretty much alone Janine, doing the work, going to the feeding spots, bringing them in from the outside, buying food, housing them in your home till and if, you get a home for them,. I cant wait for your article in the D&C and hope we can get behind this and keep your story and work out there on a regular basis.

  4. Gemma is adorable!! I am so thankful to the family who adopted her and to Mylena for fostering her. Of course we were all thinking about you today Janine - no one who reads this blog will ever watch the weather report the same way again. I think of you EVERY morning.

  5. Couldn't stop thinking about you this morning. You are my hero! -carol