Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Deja Vu

When I got to work yesterday morning, after having to make walking paths back to the shelters where the cats were at 16 different spots that I care for in the city, and after having to shovel out each of them, and after two hours of doing it, I thought I would die.  It’s a very strenuous activity to do.  Because at each of the locations, I also had to pick up a lot of snowy towels, replace with dry ones, bend down to get the empty bowls inside the little huts, fill with food and water, and then try to cover each opening back up against the storm that was still dumping its fury on the northeast. 

This was a repeat of a week ago Monday.  I thought yesterday that the hard part was over.  But no, this morning was a duplicate of yesterday.  I had no idea we had another at least three inches of snow since I got into work that morning.  To walk through this very heavy snow, you have to have strong legs, you have to push the snow, even though it is up to your knees, and in some spots, up to your waist when you fall into a soft spot after the snow plow has created these mounds on the side of the road.  The snow gets into your boots, and by the third stop this morning, I already had snow covering me mid- thigh.  After that spot, which I have deemed the worst of them all, because it is way back in an open field, I have to literally sit in the car and catch my breath.  And I knew after that spot that it was not going to be an easy morning.  Two hours later, I was home in very wet clothes, and exhausted. Who needs the gym?  Not me. 

My washer and dryer are definitely getting a run for the money.  At least ten bath sized towels a day.  We need a break.  The cats need a break.   Its been a very bad month weather wise, if you do what I do.  If you are a skier, which I used to be, its great!  If you are a snow plow operator, which I need but can’t afford, its great!  If you like to drive in the snow, which I do, its great! If you are a child, which I used to be (but am still totally immature), its great!  If you live in Alaska, its reality!  J  But c’mon, we need a break!

Its all worthwhile though when you pull up, you get out, you walk over to the spot where you need to begin to create a walking path back to the shelter, and you see a little head pop out.  That’s what keeps me going.  Tomorrow, I must get pictures to show you. 



In the meantime, lets not forget Elvis and Jellybean, both desperate for a home.  Please share and spread the word! 

Have a great day!

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”


  1. Nice pics Janine, I love Elvis and Jelly bean "s names, maybe their new parents will keep the name oh, you know the grain store,/ garden centre e near Basils restaurant in Webster, on Empire Blvd. ? they used to have "shop" kittys for the rodent control there, and were well cared for ,...I was in there on Saturday, and they told me that their oldest kitty, of 16 yrs had died and they dont have another cat yet !!!!!!!

  2. Elvis and Jelly Bean need to get on Facebook! That's where the most people will see their fuzzy faces. :) Mylene is having amazing luck finding adopters lately. I'm thinking of you out there in frigid cold and praying for God's mercy on those poor cats, especially this weekend.