Thursday, February 5, 2015


Its been a long, hard week for me.  I trudge and trudge and trudge through a LOT of snow.  We had another at least 2-3 inches overnight.  17 degrees.  Some of the paths I created to walk to the shelters were obliterated, you couldn't tell if there had been a path there or not.  So I had to recreate, and shuffle, and walk as carefully as I could through the snow up to my knees in many places.  You can see the cat footprints, and in some spots, you can tell they had to jump up and down in the snow to get to a spot where they can see.

I spotted Chico this morning. I have said in the past that these cats are not there.  Well, at this location where Chico is, I have three or four plastic totes or styrofoam boxes underneath a large board (on top of a box crate and a board covers that) with a tarp over that so that it stays warm and dry underneath.  I have said Chico wasn't around a few times, but I believe he is actually still in one of the boxes staying warm, and I just haven't seen him.  I took the time to shine the light inside and found his head sticking out of the little shelter he was in.  He is beginning to trust me, but not fully yet.  He sniffs the finger I extend to him, and then will allow that finger to scratch the top of his head, and he comes out a little further, and knows that I have some yummy wet food for him, and nice warm water to replace the ice in his bowl.  He knows he needs to eat the wet food before it freezes on him.  He is definitely a rescue to come, and soon.

And then at the other location, where Mr. Fluffypants hangs, as I was brushing off the snow, shaking out the towel covered in snow, ready to place a dry towel down, food and water, I heard a meow.  I turned around and there was Mr. Fluffypants, covered in snow, waiting for me to tell him to come up and eat!  I have said in the past that someone is taking him in, but if they are, they aren't doing it on a regular basis, and he has no business being outside like this at five in the morning at 17 degrees.  On that busy street.  He is also a rescue to come, and soon.

A woman and her two children came over last evening to meet Sawyer, for possible adoption.  They seemed to really like him, but I have not heard back from them so far, and I would have thought I would by now if they wanted him.  He was brought to the clinic this morning to be neutered and given all his shots.  I pray his combo test turns out negative.  He will then go to foster if he is not adopted by this family.  I am hoping he will be quick to go so that I can get Fluffy and Chico.

Recently I heard from the couple that adopted one of the kittens that I had  - Gabby's words:  "The kitten we adopted from you, he's absolutely changed my life for the better."  What other words to hear, I can't think of anything better.

Here he is with his sibling pre-adoption in the fall....

and here he is now - now named OSIRIS, with his new mom and dad!

Life couldn't be any better without a dog or cat!  :)

Have a great day!

"If you can't adopt - Foster
If you can't foster - Sponsor
If you can't sponsor - Donate
If you can't donate -
- educate
- network
EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to help save a life."


  1. I thought of you this morning around 5:00 am when I looked at the brilliant moon in the sky. Figured that was God's light shinning down to make it a little easier for you out there on such a cold morning. -carol

  2. So happy you saw those two kittys today, i was worried for them, prayers that the would be adopters turn out to be the right fit for this adorable kitty, i know you do not give these cats to just anyone, and if chosen, they must be first class citizens.;0

  3. Check this facebook page out-.Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary. Does anyone know of any woodshop teachers, etc that can do this for Janine? Im willing to do anything to help the 'city kitties' stay warm. I'll find some wood or buy it if someone can build them or knows a shop teacher that could take on a project like this. Kitty houses like these may be more 'pleasing' to the neighbors too and they'll stop trashing Janine's houses. ( Woodstock Academy Students and Vocational Technology Teacher, Keith L. we are so grateful to you for building these beautiful feral cat shelters. ) Thought it was an awesome idea for high school kids to do.