Monday, February 2, 2015


Wolves - 1/31/15 - Penfield - taken in the back yard of a friend's house
Yes, it was a tough morning for me out there.  But not as tough as it is for the cats that stand only three to five (?) inches from the ground.  Its so hard for their little legs to get through the six inches of snow, at least, that we had overnight.  Not to mention the drifts that come up to my knees.  I did a lot of shoveling at each of my spots.  This storm kicked ass because it came from the northeast.  My shelters are blocked from the westerly storms not so much from the north and east.  So a lot of snow got in a few of the shelters, where thankfully a few of the kitties were huddled when I walked up to them.  This is what I would call blizzard conditions.  Wind gusts will reach up to at least 35 mph, and the driving is treacherous.  I have to drive to another location this morning a lot further than what I am used to, have to use the main freeways which, as we all know, are worst than driving on back roads.  There are a lot of dumb drivers out there, and you just can't help having to drive next to or behind one.

It was uneventful out there for me the past two mornings, except yesterday I had a reporter from the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper come over to interview me!  I was a hot mess, always nervous doing something where the world will see me, so she told me to get a glass of wine, and I obeyed her.  :)  She was a cute young reporter, graduated from RIT in photojournalism, and had just moved back to Rochester from Michigan, where she met her boyfriend, who has also moved to Rochester to be with her.  This girl is going places - the next Diane Sawyer!  I tried to get the points I wanted across to her, so that they are conveyed in the story, and hopefully the City of Rochester will pay more attention that their needs to be some kind of program set up to help these homeless cats out there.  We need to stop the population progression, so that there are less and less until it is totally eradicated.  I know some of you are smirking, but it could possibly be done some day.  Not totally, but it would be manageable.  Right now its totally out of control, when you have one person, me, feeding over a hundred cats a day, and trying to get them all neutered and spayed.  Its a project that needs community involvement, and I just don't know where we can start, but there has to be a beginning somehow.  The story will be ready in a few weeks, she wants to come out with me some morning to get some pictures.  If you go online and read the story that was yesterday's headlines, the unidentified girl who's body was dumped in a cornfield or something, years ago, and has now been identified, she did the video of that, and pictures, and the story was truly touching, enough for me to tear up.  That is the template of the interview of me that she will be using.  And I will be her first interview story!  I am honored!  Here is the link:


I rescued another cat yesterday morning, who hopefully will also make the paper!  I had no business rescuing  him when I didn't have a home lined up already, as I have my poor Jelly Bean, Elvis, and Gemma still needing homes, but this little guy walked up to me and looked into my eyes.  He said, please, take me home.  And I did, and he came willingly, there was no struggle.  I named him Sawyer, and he is a cuddle bug.  So now we have Sawyer, Elvis, Gemma, and Jelly Bean that all need homes - please consider. 

Have a great day!

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. " 


  1. Wicked out there today Janine and Kittys.... wonderful news on your pending article with "Diane Sawyer ", what a great youg person we have here ! , maybe her writing will influence the city to bring about an initiative to contribute to what you do, at the very least, make it an offence to impede on this project by removing the structures and feeding stations you alone provide, for something that is of great benefit to our community..

  2. So happy Saywer got to hit the lottery and get out of the cold!!

  3. Hi Janine - was thinking of you and the kitties this morning!