Monday, October 6, 2014

Wild Wild Weekend!

This weekend was insane.  It started Saturday morning, 5:30 am., when I was on 5th and Central, just heading back to the car parked on Central, from feeding the cats in the back of the empty lot.  A man called out for me from across the median, and started to walk towards me.  As he approached closer, I got in my car and rolled down the window a bit.  He was saying that his sister was “bleeding to death”.   OF course this sounded insane to me, and he kept asking me to use my phone.    In this rather dramatic moment, at least I had the sense to say “I will call 911”, and asked him where he lived, he motioned across the street, down 5th, and I began to follow him.  I was on the phone with the 911 operator for what seemed like an eternity, giving him the little information I could glean from this 30 something man.  He kept asking me to get out of the car to come look at her, gesturing toward the ground behind the fence, so of course I told him no, and that the police were on their way.  After what seemed like at least 10 minutes went by since I placed the call, finally, five police cars pull up, an ambulance, and a fire truck.  In the meantime, the man had gone into the house through the back door.  I told the police exactly what I told the dispatcher, and they all went to the house, knocked on the door, and each one, one by one, went in.  After a minute, the ambulance pulled up in front of me, and the men got out, obviously being called in for medical treatment. By now it was steadily raining, and I was just sitting there, knowing I had to finish up my route, 30 minutes later than usual, so I drove off, not knowing the outcome, but knowing I would come right back after I finished my three more stops.

The last stop was where my friend, Sunday Sheryl, who came on the Saturday rather than her normal Sunday with the intent of us both going to the public market and picking up some cheap fare – my 2nd half of my route is the public market area.  This girl, I am so grateful to, because she climbed in to the boarded up garage through the open window, and got my shelters out.  I placed them on the other side of the garage, and they are still standing there this morning.  Thank God.  And Thank God For Sheryl.  She was the star of the weekend for me.  Thank you Sheryl, for crawling into a very dark, dirty garage and getting my stuff out.

We headed back to the street where the incident took place, and a police car was just turning out of the street.  I waved him down, stating it was me that called the report in, and asked what happened.  He told me the girl in the house was knocking on the door and the glass broke.  I said ‘but the guy said she was bleeding to death!” and the cop said ‘well, there was a lot of blood, but she’s fine.” I shook my head, thanked him and wished him a safe day.   INSANE, EH?

Boy oh boy, another exciting morning in the hood.

Finally, as I am really late in posting this – guess what I did?  I rescued four baby kittens on Saturday.  And here they are.  Say a prayer for me.  I know not what I do.  J  Now we need to name them, fix them, and get them adopted!  Please spread the word!!  


Have a GREAT day.


  1. Wow!! What a weekend Janine; so glad you played it safe and stayed in your car; you couldn't have done anything for her. Those kitties are adorable!! Nancy C.

  2. Omigosh...those kitties are beyond adorable. IF ONLY I could take one... (My landlord would evict me.) I'm guessing they are weaned? Where did you find them? No mama around? ~Mary W.