Monday, October 20, 2014



If you go back to Thursdays post, you will see a cat named Kingsley who I TNR'd.  I let him back out on Thursday morning, and he was waiting for me on Friday morning, still as sweet as can be.  Well, Friday, I got a request that a kind couple, who have been making some awesome shelters for me, want to adopt him!  They instructed me to pick him up on my route Saturday morning – I did – he was there waiting for me, and I scooped him up, put him in my carrier, and back to the house we go!  He must have been VERY confused, but what a lucky guy, eh?  Another homeless cat off the street!



On another great note, Saturday a family came over to look at the four kittens I have, wanting to adopt one, and off they went with Sparkles.  I couldn’t be more happier.  I do wish they had taken two, but the girl that will actually have Sparkles has a condition that keeps her at home, so he will never lonely.  From the first reports, she is already in love with him.

Just this morning, I received an e-mail from another girl, who may be interested in adopting TWO more!  Fingers crossed!~ 

I was just telling a co-worker this morning – that makes nearly TWELVE kittens in a month – adopted!!  Remember the eight from Roberts Wesleyan College, and then the new four.  Pretty good I would say.  It will be nice to be kittenless for a while though, I have to say.  Even my friend Kristin, who had been nursing two baby kittens for the past several weeks, got both adopted this weekend!

This morning, as I drove around to all my spots, pouring water, food and patting a head or two here and there, I thought of a poem that I recently read – posted by Pet Pride of New York, a local no-kill shelter/adoption agency that has taken in a few of my kittens, who gave a public nod to me recently on Facebook on National Feral Cat day last week.  I thought of this this morning as I noticed many kitties on my route staying far enough away, until I drove away, to have their one and only meal  of the day.  Here is is:

I sit beneath the bushes as she fills my dish each day,
I only venture out to eat when she has gone away,
I know it will upset her when I turn away and hide,
As every day she tries her best to get me by her side.
I wish that I could let her know that I don’t want to run,
And hope that she will understand it’s nothing that She’s done.
I’d like to have her stroke me and pat my weary head,
But fear will overcome and I’ll run and hide instead.
For all the kindly people who feed the strays each day,
I pray the Lord will care for them as they have cared for me.

My heart was touched when I read this.  But sometimes, even feral cats will slowly become semi-feral, and then allow me to pet them.  I’ve had it happen over and over again, and its so gratifying to see the transformation from fear, to trust.

Another friend shared the following with me, which also was very endearing.  He could see my struggles that I deal with – the ones that I share on this blog – and its something I am sure is true for all of us, being human, getting older, and living in a harsh world:

You may see me struggle 
but you won't see me fall. 
Regardless if I'm weak or not 
I'm going to stand tall. 
Everyone says life is easy 
but truly living it is not.
Times get hard, 
people struggle
and constantly get put on the spot. 
I'm going to wear the biggest smile 
even though I want to cry. 
I'm going to fight to live 
even though I'm destined to die. 
And even though it's hard 
and I may struggle through it all. 
You may see me struggle...
but you will NEVER see me fall

I wish you all a great day!


  1. You are on such a roll in getting kittens and cats adopted. It is truly awe-inspiring. You are doing great things. I know it is not easy for you at all - but your are making a huge difference in this world. Great, great work Janine

  2. Such wonderful stories this morning. So happy for you and for the families (feline & human) that have been enriched by your efforts. Wish I could do more.... -carol

  3. Thank you for those poems! I know of some feral feeding stations in our area but don't know who cares for them. I'm going to copy these poems and leave them at the cat spots.
    And you're sooo right when you say that feral cats start to settle down to being touched. I get so steamed when I read the 'experts' say that if you don't get a feral cat when it's really tiny it will never make a good pet. Hogwash! Most of my pet cats were totally feral, some adults, and they all love to snuggle, be carried around, bellies scratched, etc. Some more than others, but they all love their lovin'.