Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank God Its Thursday

I'm a Ladybug!

No cameras please!
Winston, you little devil!

Hysterical.  My talented photographer friend sent these to me -  Magic the Lady Bug was her cat to begin with, and then she adopted Winston (also known as Buddy), a kitten I rescued a few years back.    Aren't they adorable.   Cats are so cute wearing costumes, although I am sure they hate it! My friend also reminded me of the photo shoot for the new kittens I have that need to get exposure, and adopted.  The photo shoot is scheduled for today.

I released the black and white Sylvester looking cat this morning, after having it in my bathroom overnight.  I don't like going back into the hood during the day light hours to re-release a cat that I've had fixed, so I usually leave on porch, but this guy was a friendly guy, so I put him in comfort in the bathroom for the night.  The lactating female, the mother of the kittens I have now, was brought back to her colony in the burbs.  I think I spotted a pregnant kitten this morning on Parsells, one of four, and I must call and get some appointments for next week to get these kittens done.  There are just so many more others too.  I need help with this.  Its getting monumental to me, being the only one trapping, PLUS feeding, and then getting myself ready to be at work for a full day. 

I am off (only from work!) for a medical procedure, and vacation tomorrow.  Wish me luck, and enjoy your day!

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