Friday, October 17, 2014


Yes, God has a plan, thats all I can say.    My turmoil surrounding Luna, the little black kitten, ended yesterday.  I was instructed to call the man who adopted her four weeks or so ago, (see my post from yesterday) between 3-4 yesterday, and I was thankful for the opportunity to get his voice mail at 3:08 (I was nervous to speak to him, thinking he was going to tell me to come get the kitten) – I left a very sweet message for this man, apologizing for my tardiness in sending him the paperwork showing her spay, and shots, and asking him how he would like the paperwork delivered to him - mail, in person, or by e-mail (he does not have e-mail, so it would have to be a friend of his to receive it that way).   When he returned my call, he started with “ I want to start with an apology to you – you should never have been on the other end of the phone last night – I had a very bad day, and you didn’t deserve that – you have been nothing but good and kind to me.”  I told him that all was well, and for him not to think another thing about it. That it was forgotten. He loves Luna. J  He said to stick papers in mail, and I did with a sweet note, and a little kitty prayer card for him.

I told him to keep in touch from time to time, or anytime!  J Phew!  What a weight off my back!  I believe in forgiveness.  Without it, there is too much evil.  It takes away a good part of your life dwelling on past mistakes.

I drove up to the vacant house on Short today, and someone had been there yesterday, and cleaned everything up, including the shelter I had in back there.  My heart sank, as there were at least five cats waiting, and wondering what was going on.  I noticed two of my wooden huts were placed behind the house over the lot, and that was all that was left.  I left a note on the steps, with my card, with the note reading to return my shelters - the plastic totes, and my boards.  I am sick over this, and will need to rebuilt behind the other house on Sixth.  I need plastic totes, and large boards, and need to find another tarp.  They took that too.  Bastards!

That's all for today, I feel dismayed.  I don't think people are even reading what I write.

So, thanks for reading, if you are, and I will go crawl in my hole now. 

Have a nice day!


  1. Hi Janine. I have an old door that will be great for the short street spot and a tote shelter. I still need to get ahold of your friend with the crates to see if they can be made into shelters. And yes, people are reading your blog, silly!! You should be getting a call from my friend Lisa today too. Talk to you this weekend! - Kristin

    1. Yes - Julie is waiting to hear from Kristin. Hoping these crates can be used to help keep the kitties warm this winter. And, if someone is callous enough to steal them, they are easily replaced at NO COST.

  2. I read it each and every day honey. It makes my day!

  3. More people read and have been positively affected than you know....
    The selfless work you do is amazing. The cats benefit, the neighborhood benefits, the new parents benefit. But you do all the work. Spend your own time, money and heart.

    It really is appreciated.. More than you know.


  4. We are reading Janine and appreciate all you do! Wendy B.

  5. I read it every day :) Tracy

  6. I read your blog everyday even though I'm afraid I might cry. Were you able to use any of the doors I dropped off? Just ask - if you need something I'll find a way to get it. -carol

  7. I'm reading, too, Janine, as much as I can (when work isn't completely crazy). {{hugs}} Mary W.

  8. Well now, Janine, you know we're reading your blog posts, every day, but I thought you meant those jerks you leave the notes for, don't read them. Which is probably true, they must be heartless AND illiterate.
    But you have an enthusiastic following here online, even if it is small. And you don't do this alone, you have a lot of company, in different situations, trying to help cats. Unsung heroes, eh?

  9. What your doing is amazing, Janine. Keep doing the good work. We have to do something to bring an end to animal abiuse.

  10. There is a difference between negligence and abuse. Care for your pets and stand up against animal cruelty.