Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Boys Boys Boys!

My friend Kristin painted this.  Isn't she talented!

Tomorrow morning, I have two spots at the clinic.  One is reserved for the mother of the four kittens I recently rescued this past weekend.  A man is holding on to her on his porch for me to pick up, have it spend the night in my bathroom, and go into clinic to be spayed, and then brought back for this man to let back out, and hopefully he will continue to feed it.  As for the kittens, I need to get them spayed (they are a bit too young at the moment), and get them adopted.  Autumn, from the last of the 8 kittens from Roberts Wesleyan College, has not been adopted, has been with my friend being fostered, who is going away Friday, and will need to come back to me. I will put her in with the younger kittens, and hope for the best.  Please share, spread the word, I need to get these kittens outta here.....  As adorable as they are, its hard work.  The other spot I will use at the clinic will be for one of the gazillion males out there, full of testosterone.  Many now trust me, and I will easily grab one and put in a carrier.  Next week, same thing, I need to get these males done.  Then I can begin to work on the kittens out there.  There are just so many at each my spots lately that need to be done.

Great article on Feral Cats in the paper yesterday.  Here is the link, in case anyone is interested that didn’t get to see it.  My mother called me before I left for work in the morning, which she doesn’t usually do, just to tell me to read it.  At first, before I read it, my first reaction was that of annoyance.  I don't know the woman featured, but my friend Laura was quoted.  I thought to myself,  ‘Why couldn’t I be featured on the front page, why isn’t it me they are doing a story on, that group will get donations, and not me, whine whine whine.’  I then sat down at work and read the article – its spot on, and I hope a lot of folks, especially inner city people, read it.  I do wish it had touched upon more of the compassion from humans for these animals.

All of it is 100% true, especially the part about people out there that won’t allow feeding these poor animals on their property.  You either have to find an abandoned house, or a vacant lot, until someone comes along there and kicks you out.  Its pretty sad.  I am dealing with a lot of this out there right now.  I am facing ‘eviction’, or shall I say, ‘unknown’, in half of my locations.  And all of these spots have either ‘residents’ that have been ‘living’ there for years, or there are kittens at these locations.  And the one where there are kittens, it’s a new spot that I was forced to find due to being kicked out of an old feeding spot.  If this were the country, this wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s the city, where most of the folks in the area I feed in are poor, uneducated, and don’t like cats.  Period.  And I use the word MOST here.  Not all. 

The article reminded me of my own story that was printed in the Messenger a few years back.  I wish it could be rerun, in the D & C actually, only updated.  The numbers have changed, and not for the better, but the story remains the same.

Here is that article again, in case some of you missed it.  In that article is a link to a one minute video.


Check it out if you haven’t already seen it.  It gives you a tiny glimpse of what its like for me, and the cats, in the wintertime.

Spread the word.  I need food, money for spay/neuter, shelters, and most of all, adoptions for the five kittens I have.  Those are the biggies.  Thanks for listening.

"I don't know the actual meaning of maturity.  But for me, maturity is when a person hurts you & you try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back."


  1. I think you should contact the reporter who did this story and ask how soon they can do another cat themed article. Make sure they put you at the top of the list!
    And it is no different in " the country" as I have told you stories of. Ignorance and selfishness and cruelty cross all geographic and socioeconomic boundaries. In some ways it is worse because there arent abandoned houses on every block to move to. And humans can be VERY territorial about their property. Its not good anywhere trying to find compassionate allies.

  2. Janine - the clinic you refer to - is it RCAS on Bay? -carol

  3. Janine I thought the same thing when I saw that article yesterday! It should have been you. Tracy