Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween Y'All!

Its a cold morning in Rochester, Halloween morning. Dark, and cold.  But they were all waiting for me, for their breakfast.  For a scratch here or there.  I have now earned the trust of three semi-feral cats at my first stop, where I have temporary shelters on a porch of a vacant house - actually a half house apartment.  I trapped the kitten a few weeks back, picture posted as well, and have not seen it since.  But I do see one other kitten there, along with two neutered/spayed adults I did a few months back.  They have never allowed me to come near them, but now they let me scratch their heads, as they gobble the food that will have to last them until the next morning..

I cat call for the remaining cats at the Stout/Grand location from the backyard of my second stop on Parsells, hoping they will hear, cross the street, go through back yards, and make this their new home, but no such luck yet, because when I turned the corner to place food down across the street for those remaining (Neck Wound Kitty, and the red and white kitty), the red kitty came from around the house, and ran to the spot across the street where I continue to leave a plate of food.

Two of my own brats, George and Rufus, wrestling this morning
Update on Blackie - After his 'rescue' from this miserable location, yesterday morning, he was transported to a friend's place in Branchport.  A long drive.  He was placed in a large crate, and is being provided plenty of  food, water, blankets, and whatever he will need to wait out his transition, which could take several weeks, so they advise you to do.  I have asked my friend Sandy to be sure to go out and talk to him constantly, as much as she can - she is retired and lives my dream, in the country, lots of land, beautiful home, and lots of little buildings on her property to care for cats.  I am lucky to have rekindled a once work relationship with her.  She has offered to take in more - and I have two special ones in mind.  I need to get them from Webster/Ferndale, where Webster was rescued from last week.  These are two very petite red and black kitties, and they have nothing there.  In fact, someone removed the plates I had there.  This is a cat hating street, and I need to get them out of there.  I am almost thinking Crazy Marilee is back to her shenanigans.

Blackie's new view, for now
In a happier note:



Isn't that Carly Simon?  I love that song.  Its apropos for the update I received from my new friend who adopted Webster:

So I had to tell you today was a great breakthrough with Webster.  He  is such a great kitty and had no issues with moving in except I noticed one thing.
From the first day we brought him home he was happy to be held but he never purred.

This was only noticeable to me because all of my other cats purr like motorboats when being held, petted or when they are nervous.
I kept telling a silent Webster each day "I guess you lost your purr box buddy but not to worry we will find it together I promise".

Then came today.....breakthrough.......when I held and hugged him the 1st time this morning I heard lots of purring... I said yeah Webster you found your lost purr box what a beautiful sound!!!!
....and on and on it went!    :)

It warms my heart to know that these animals, for all the days they have roamed the streets, trying to survive another day, can still be loving little creatures if allowed.  Thank you to all of you who have ever adopted a cat that I rescued from the street.

And thank you to those who commented on my 'honor' yesterday.  It came on a day when my defense was low and beat to the ground,  after I had to listen to those horrible people screaming at me, getting in my face, trying to intimidate me, and hearing them tell me how much they hate cats!

Have a GREAT and SPOOKY day~!!!


  1. Happy Halloween neighbor! Happy Janine Wagner Day (Nov 14th) its on my calendar!


  2. Not sure Abby would like that costume. Great story on Webster. How can we take that and capitalize on it? People need to understand the great outcomes of adoption - for human and feline alike. Ideas anyone? -carol

  3. Congratulations on your recognition from the mayor!! I'm so proud of you and I can't think of anyone more deserving! So how shall we celebrate Janine Wagner Day? Dress up as cats? Heehee! ;)