Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Hump Day!


Triple A Batteries
Wooden Boards
Cat Food (wet and dry)

As promised,here are some pictures of my last adoption Sparkles, in his new home, and with his new mom! He was one of the four kittens I rescued.  I still have three left everyone, spread the word! Sparkles was renamed Osiris.  I am not sure the meaning of the name, but I am sure it fits him!

Below is a picture of Sweetie, now named Lucy, in her new home.  Thanks Maria, my pasta queen, for sending me this latest picture.  I am so proud to see 'after' pictures of the babies I've rescued from the streets.  It makes me feel so good.

I had two spots at the clinic today for trap, neuter and return (TNR), and I headed out loaded with a trap, a carrier, and a pouch of tuna.  I set the trap at the last place I TNR's last week, on Parsells, hoping to get another of the three or four kittens there.  Remember, I got one of the kittens there last week, and I haven't seen that kitten since.  :(  I raced off to feed at the next spot, with the intention of racing back to the trap set.  I did, and trapped a kitty that I've already done before.  And no sign of the others.  I reset it again, knowing this cat would not go back in, but no luck when I returned again.  I went ahead and fed at my locations on the 'front nine', and headed to the 'back nine' to set the trap at Central and 5th, where there are a few leery 'customers' waiting for me each morning.  This is also where my intention was to grab one of the unneutered boys at that spot that trust me, and shove it into the carrier.  I set the trap, raced off to the next spot (where my homeless friend from yesterday was sleeping - no sign of him this morning!), and raced back to see what I had in the trap, and I had Tippy Toe in the trap, a long haired beauty that has already long been neutered.  Brat.  I opened the trap door, he meandered out slowly, and I knew I would have no luck with the rest.  Sure enough, Claude, a black and white cat with funny ears came sidling up to me, and I grabbed him and shoved him into the carrier.  So, scared Claude will be neutered today (yes, I did check 'back there' before I picked him up).   I called the clinic to let them know I could not fill the other spot I had, as hard as I tried!

A friend Carol donated some wooden doors she found on the side of a road, and I've been putting them to good use.  The shelter on Short that was disassembled last week needed to be rebuilt in the other lot next door, and I brought a second door there this morning, along with a small tarp to cover.  But its not good enough.  The shelter I mean.   I am not doing well rebuilding these myself. I need more tarps, either small or large.  I need heavy bricks or concrete blocks to hold these down in the ferocious winds we get all year round.  Rochester really has its share of storms - wind, snow, we get it all, and we get them a lot!

I had a person contact me yesterday about adopting one of the kittens, and I was going to bring the kittens over to their house after work yesterday for her to pick one, or two (she was interested in Patches along with a male) out, and for some reason, I just had a funny feeling.  I had not spoken to her, and we really hadnt had a conversation, either by phone or e-mail, so I didn't know much about this person.  I asked her to call me at work, which she did, and she did seem very pleasant.  I told her my requirements, before bring them over, about not letting them outside, and no declawing.  She told me she had both her other cats declawed, and would most likely declaw the kittens because the others 'had no defense without their nails' if they get into a scuffle, etc.  I told her, as nice as I could, that I couldn't allow the adoption.  Don't get me wrong, she seems like a very nice lady, but uneducated to the pain and suffering a declawed cat endures, not only during and after surgery, but for the rest of its natural life.  If you aren't familiar with this, please read:

So, I must continue to spread the word about these kittens, they need homes fast.  They are very bored in my small room that they remain in, and are very lonely.  Its hard for me to give them time and attention when I work full time, and have things to do after work!  

"There are those who dream and wish,
and there are those who dream and work."


  1. Janine,

    Osiris is an Egyptian God according to my beautiful Karon.