Monday, October 13, 2014

Thrills and Chills

It was a exciting weekend.  It started last Thursday, when little Amber, the last of the eight kittens that I and a friend was fostering, were rescued from Roberts Wesleyan college, was returned to me because my friend was leaving on a trip to adopt out Peanut to her niece, and couldn't care for Amber.  Amber is about a month older than the other four kittens I acquired last week.  I began to let her out with the 'big kids' and she flourished.  She turned into the most sweetest cuddlebug so fast.  She couldn't get enough of the human touch.

Yesterday, I was sitting on my front stoop, enjoying a glass of wine, talking on the phone with a friend, when two girls walked up and said "we heard you had kittens.".  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear those words.  It meant they might be interested!  Well, long story short, I introduced them to the kittens that were on the porch playing, and the one girl Patti fell in love with Amber instantly.  I knew these girls were good people, they lived the street over, being neighbors to each other, and I offered that she could take Amber home for the night and I would stop over after work today to check on how things were going.  But I am sure it will be a match.  Amber is one lucky kitten, and Patti is one lucky girl to have her.  :)  WIN!

Here are the four remaining kittens.  Please spread the word.  I need fostering for them, and adoption.  They will go for their wellness checks at the clinic today, which will include their shots and deworming (which I don't believe they have) - but maybe they give this as a precaution.

My friend Yesenia also came by and did a little photo shoot with the kittens on Thursday.  Here are some photos she took of my own babies:






The other news to share is that I have a major dilemma.  Sweet Pea, the mother of Luna, and Piper (who escaped a week after her foster placement at a friends place in the country, never to be seen again), is coming back to my house.  Her foster mother says that she is stressing out her other cat, and needs to go.  Not only do I have four kittens, I also have Lacey, who is being cared for by Nancy, and they need adoption.  The kittens are stressing out my own cats, which I wonder if its the kittens at all.  Every time I turn around someone is urinating somewhere, and not where they are supposed to.  We are constantly running around sniffing, wiping, cleaning, everywhere in the house.  This will cause a big problem when Sweet Pea comes along.  I can't keep her in my tiny bathroom to live.  I really need someone to take in a sweet girl kitty, fully vetted.  Foster, at the very least.  An older person would be an ideal candidate.  She does get along with other cats, so I am not 100% sure of what my she means about stressing her cat, but I will find out and let you know!  Please help.  I promise not to rescue any more cats until I can find this little girl, and Lacey, a home!

Sweet Pea


  1. Is Sweet Pea really as thin as she looks? -carol

  2. I think it could be the combination of the way the photo was taken Carol, and her lankiness. She is about a year old also, she was a baby mama.

  3. Sweet Pea loves to play with other cats! She is stressing out our old male cat. He has a compromised immune system and is prone to congestive disorders and urinary infections. Since her baby Luna left, she attempts to play with him but it is too much for him. He is constantly in hiding and is on antibiotics again.