Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ale or Stout?

Stout.  Its amazing how I can go from sharing wonderful news, to sharing news that saddens my soul, deeply.  I pulled up to Stout and Grand this morning, and once again, after a month, all the stuff was piled to the curb (trash day).  I looked at little Blackie, who has known this to be his only safe haven, under the boarded up porch, for the two years - this boarded up house has been vacant.  He looked totally lost.  Not to mention Neck Wound Kitty, who has taken shelter in the boarded up garage, where I also  have shelters inside of.   I noticed people working inside the house on Saturday, after I had left the community gathering down the street, but I was on such a high from being with those wonderful people, that I just couldn't stop and get beat up by these people.  I knew they were not kind people to begin with, to trash what is obviously housing for animals in need.  I left a note on their door, put back what I could under the porch, and drove away with a very very heavy heart.  I looked around, there is no alternative, no other place to move this stuff.  I just don't know what I will do.  I will pray that they call me and have a change of heart after reading the materials I left for them, some literature from Alley Cat Allies about living with ferals, and the article about me.  These workers, or whoever they are, are obviously getting ready to rent the house again.  Its amazing how these cats can affect the way my day will go - and its always humans that cause this.  These cats, with their pathetic homeless lives, could live in decent places with shelters that we humans make up for them, but you have the heartless people that tear them down.  That's the sadness of it all.  Its an animal suffering, you're allowing an animal to suffer, don't you get it?

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