Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Times They Are A Changin'

Bob Dylan tune.

Its amazing, the power of the internet.  E-mail, picture downloading, cell phones, all of that electronic stuff that I don't know much about (I still don't have one of those new fangled cell phones with internet - can only make occasional calls, and text on the tiny pad given).

Sweet Pea when first rescued - dirty girl!

What it did for me yesterday though, is purely amazing.  I received an e-mail from someone enquiring about Sweet Pea, and as of this minute this morning, Sweet Pea just about has a new forever home!  This girl got an e-mail from someone she knows, with my plea for a home for Sweet Pea, along with my blog, and she reached out to me asking about her.  This girl just lost her kitty Jelly Bean, and was missing having a feline friend to love.  I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get this e-mail!  Divine intervention?  Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a deity's supposed active involvement in the human world.

So, Sweet Pea will go for a meet and greet today.  Fingers crossed!


Autumn (I kept calling her Amber!), now named Bonnie, has also been adopted, for real!~  I got the following note from her new mom:
 Bonnie is settling in - Jasper (the other cat) has made friends and Sheldon (her dog) is getting over himself.  Bonnie has found her forever home.
Let me know when you want to drop off the kittens.  

AND, if you can believe this, she has also offered to foster the kittens!  I am totally floored by this turn of events this week.  Floored.  Little old me.  I am not a rescue group, I do not receive funds, I do not get tax breaks, I get very few donations in food or money, but I do manage to rescue a whole bunch of cats each year from the streets, and I do manage to trap, neuter and return a ton also.  I certainly am not bragging here, but I am proud that I have been able to help so many cats out in the 15-20 years I've been at this crazy business.  I don't brag because there are people out there far dedicated to TNR'g and getting a whole bunch of cats on a weekly basis fixed, but they also are usually working with rescue groups, and they have help, and back up, for each other.  And they have lower fees at the clinic.  But again, thats OK, I do what I can do.

I trapped a kitten (named her Vanessa - almost positive its a girl) on Parsells this morning, one of the three or four that I've seen, and also nabbed a tuxedo (named him Kingsley) cat that has just recently turned up at my colony on Central and 5th.  I will get pictures of them after work tonight, while they recoup on my porch, ready to be released to the mean mean streets of Rochester tomorrow morning.   I was startled when I was putting the trap into the back of the car, by a black man getting into his car in the driveway next to the house - I believe he lives on the other side of the house that I feed at, and instead of getting the usual bad feeling, like after I left, he would trash the stuff on the porch, and let the landlord know what a 'bad thing' I was doing by feeding cats there, I greeted him, and explained what I was doing  and he said how good it was of me to do, thank you for doing that, and have a great day.

Good stuff.  Thank you Internet!

"Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble
the world knows nothing about,
need only a bit of praise or encouragement
-- and we will make the goal." 


  1. Wow! What a great turn of events - congratulations! Wendy B.

  2. Just amazing, amazing, amazing. Wow. ♥

  3. Congrats Janine!! Nancy C.