Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lost Faith

4th and Penn (garage beyond)

This morning, pulling up to my last stop on 4th and Pennsylvania, where there are eight cats regularly, as far as I know all spayed and neutered, but lately there is a young cat, about six months, cries when I am pouring the food, but won’t get near me, I walked over to the corner of the vacant lot next to it, to place a few pallets down for the three very nice Styrofoam, camoflauge painted shelters, and they were gone.  After further inspection, there is a garage behind the vacant house’s porch where I feed, and a windowless window on the side of it, and that’s where the shelters were thrown into.  You could see them, tops off, straw streaming out of them, and I thought, that is heartless of someone.  Whoever did that KNEW they were shelters for these poor animals, and couldn’t have cared less.  HEARTLESS, and MEAN.  I now need someone to go into this waist high window and get my shelters.  There is really nothing else in this garage.  Looks fairly clean.  Boarded up.  IS there someone slim enough to help me do this?  Wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.  Honest.  I need to figure something out here, I just don’t know what to do.  There are no other abandon houses around.  I don’t know if it was the city, but I doubt they would throw the shelters in the garage.  If it were the ___holes that trashed the nice shelters behind the vacant house #202 last spring, why wouldn’t they have trashed the bowls on the sideless porch that I feed all these cats on?  Was it the neighbors?  They have never seemed to have a problem with me there.  I just don’t know what to do.

I delivered Purrcy – now named Wally #2 – to his new owner, after his clinic visit yesterday, for deworming, and his shots.  Alex, who is 88 years old, is every bit of it, but seems like a nice man.  But very set in his ways. His old cat Wally (#1) went outdoors, and always came back, and Alex couldn’t understand why Wally #2 can’t do the same.  I printed out material with a stern request that he not let the cat out, because of the dangers associated with it.  I pray he understands this.  Otherwise, they seemed great together.  He was going to let him out of the room to roam the house this morning, we will see how that goes.  I received nothing for this adoption.  UPDATE:  Alex just called - he could not remember how much of the wet food to feed Wally # 2 (which by the way, he wanted to reuse this name from his first cat - he asked if I thought that would be all right, and I told him yes.  :)) - I reminded him half can a.m., half can p.m. (I brought him some Fancy Feast last evening also).  I asked how it was going letting him out to explore the house, he said he thinks he owns it now. :)  But he did mention the razor sharp claws.  I would love for someone to help me go over there to clip his nails.  He lives just down the road from my work at the hospital.  Thanks!  :)

Luna, who went to her new home last weekend, was going to be let out of her room last evening, to meet her big sister Ellie.  I am waiting on reports from this encounter sometime later today.  I did not receive money for her adoption.

Willow and Peanut, the two recently adopted kittens from the Wesleyan College kitties, still have issues with their health, and their new adopters are frustrated.  I feel like I’ve given them defective kitties, but what am I to do?  I’ve spend hundreds on their vet visits, and medications, and am frustrated as well.  Still sneezing, still drippy eyes.  They get better, and then get sick again.  Their owners believe they have to have them quarantined on their own.  I received $40 for Peanut.

My point in pointing out adoption fees is that there are some that I feel might have financial difficulties, but are able to care for the cats, so I don’t push it.   So this is another reason why I am always broke. 

Have a nice day!

"No matter how hopeless or bleak things appear, the moment always comes when suddenly our spirit revives, and hope is reborn. That is why we must never give up."


  1. Hi Janine - Ugh so sorry to hear that someone moved your stuff again. How frustrating!

  2. I could wiggle into a window if you need me to... :)


  3. OK. Now I'm pissed. Those were the MOST unobtrusive, camouflaged, way-far-back-in-the-corner shelters on your route. I may not be small but by golly, if no one gets them out of that garage by Saturday, I'll do it.