Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The College Kitties

Old news first.  The three kittens are back to me, healthier than they were, and full of vim and vinegar.  Is that the saying?  When I left the room this morning, I closed the door and said to myself, kitten heaven. That's whats in the room right now.  There are SIX kittens in my only spare room - which is reserved for the bully cats that bully a few others - nighttime time out room for them.  They are all totally adorable.  There are also two that are being fostered, who's pictures are on the post from yesterday.  These are the kittens from Roberts Wesleyan college - some of you may say they can't all be the fault of the college, but they are.  Their great great great grandmothers most likely started the whole thing.  It only takes one cat to produce thousands.  There are still over 30 cats there, all of them suffering one way or another.  The man that lives in a house near the property feeds them, but very little else is being done.  Thanks to the hard work of Kristin, who is able to shed some light on this, and to rally some folks to help, we are at least saving a few.

Its pathetic what I see out there on my own on the streets each day.  I have not witnessed the situation above, I've only seen eight little kittens with serious respiratory disease, and eyes that were nearly crusted shut.  I can't imagine the horrors I would see if I went there, and how I would react.  For now, what I don't know about can't hurt me.

A woman who read the newspaper that I was written about in last week found my number (?), and called and wanted to donate two bags of food.  We finally met up yesterday, a sweet 80 year old woman drove to my work and dropped off two little bags of food - but the first thing she said to me was, my church has a problem, two baby kittens, abandoned house, a mother cat, the workers at the church can't catch them, etc.
You know, the problem - when you are involved in trying to help cats - and for me all I can do is try to help what is under my own nose every single day - the  problem is that everyone thinks you can help them!   I immediately said to her, before she even got all those words out of her mouth, was 'they need to call the humane society'.  After a brief conversation about other things, I still thought about what she told me, and I said to her 'give them my phone number', I will make sure they are doing what they should be doing.  I thought to myself, if only each of us took a stance, and took responsibility for just one cat out there, we wouldn't have so many problems.  If just one homeowner on each block of this county took a few shelters and put them behind their garage to house some cats in the brutal temps we get in the wintertime, if they would just put food and water out for them, and call someone for help in getting them spayed and neutered, we would have far less of these situations that we have.  Its sickening what I see, and its sickening what I can't see.

Again, I am going through 20+ pounds of cat food a day now.  Thats three 2-gallon ziploc bags.  and then some.  I stopped again for another group of cats I saw, before my first stop in the morning, at 5 am., on Parsells.  And they are starving.  My third from final stop, out of 14 total, I saw the pure white young thing on Second again this morning, crying from the bushes.  I got a better look at her, and she is thin, and hungry. I am slowly trying to coax her over, but she is still scared to death.  I finally saw Tuffy, he looked starving also, but smelled the LePeaus (Mr. and Mrs) around, so they - the skunks, must be still hanging around, eating the cats food.

I need to take back Sweet Pea and Luna, her daughter, from the family in Faiport, they were kind enough to hold onto to these kitties for me, but now I must find them another home.   Their picture is posted on a post or two back also.  And of course there is Boris, who was adopted back in December, but now is being returned due to his aggressiveness with another cat.  I am under considerable stress over all this, but I keep telling my self, it will get better, it will get better.  Right?

Have a great day everyone.

"What your life is today is a result of what you did…or did not do…yesterday.

If you’re still dreaming instead of creating 

If you’re still planning but not implementing

If you’re hesitating because you lack confidence

If you’re holding back in any way…start now

If you want tomorrow to bear different results…start now.

And then one day you will look back and realize you had it in you all along 

All you have to do is start now."


  1. It WILL get better! Right now you have a super-stressful situation with the 6 kittens and thinking about the adults being returned. Why are Sweet Pea and Luna being returned? I was up for much of the night just thinking about the 2 new kittens we acquired last night from the house at Roberts Wesleyan. Cute as buttons - about 4-5 weeks old. But both have fleas, worms, crusty eyes, sneezing. We'll get them fixed up, but then to find them homes..... I could hear in your voice last night how stressed you are. You weren't your usual bubbly, joking self. I know this is taking a toll on you. But I am here for you and do whatever I can to help - even if just to listen. But I totally understand that this is ALWAYS on your mind - and that is exhausting to constantly be in a state of worried, anxious thought. If anyone out there can foster or adopt, PLEASE contact Janine asap! Thank you!!!!

  2. If the people near this church call you or if you have this elderly lady's phone number, give them Habitat for Cats number to call. 585-234-2894. Maybe there is someone who can help them trap or at least lend them traps. If they call the humane society ( did you mean Lollypop?) I dont think they will get any help.

  3. Glad you saw Tuffy today! He's a survivor, that's for sure. Sent you a message tonight on FB asking if Mystic is a boy. A friend of mine wants to know. Thanks!

  4. Full of piss and vinegar, or vim and vigor!!