Friday, September 19, 2014


I have the day off today, so I will make this quick, and get on with my already busy weekend.  :)  I just came back from my rounds, and all was well and quiet.   I saw Tuffy this morning, he's been seen less and less each day, and sometimes weeks will go by and I worry that he's gone.  He looks skinnier, and cries a lot now and ran to my truck this morning.  Pathetic.

I had a very heavy heart yesterday.  Its a RARITY that someone returns a cat that I've adopted out to them, and usually its only within a week or two.  Boris was adopted in the winter by a nice couple in the burbs, and had started, within the past few months, to go after their more timid female cat.  Rosebud was older, and was extremely frightened, so Boris took advantage of that.  They wanted him gone, and I was lucky enough to find someone who expressed interest.  She has a special needs 8 year old that I was a bit worried about.  I picked up Boris after work yesterday, sat with him for a minute before I placed him in the carrier, and he seemed to remember me.  But I knew he was frightened to death.  I know he could feel something was happening.  These animals become trusting and complacent in their homes after a while, and he knew something was up.  I drove him to this home, and met the woman who wanted to give Boris a try.  She is a kind woman, and as far as I am concerned, has a halo over her head as she adopted this special needs boy.  The little boy was out with his uncle, which probably worked out for the better due to him being a bit overly excited to meet Boris.  We let Boris out in her tiny bathroom and calmly petted him, and I cried.  I couldn't help myself, I just felt for him.  I know he was scared and confused.  But, I finally mustered up my strength, and left him with her, knowing he was in good hands, and after a while, he would hopefully get used to his new surroundings. 

She will be letting me know how it all went - I pray all is good.

I wish you all a wonderful day!


  1. Aww, poor Boris. I'll be praying for a smooth transition for him. That must have been so hard to leave him!

  2. Boris is getting another chance at a good life. So sorry his first home didn't work out. Janine, I'll call you when I get out of hair dressers tonight about Lacey.