Friday, September 26, 2014

All Quiet on the Homefront

Be sure to click on pic to see how adorable she is!

Well, I delivered my last baby (that I have had in my house) last evening to her new home.  Cookie has been renamed to Bella - and yes, thanks to those few who did not change the names of the kitties that they have adopted from me.  For being a one man band in my own rescue, and rescuing so many, and feeding so many that I try to give names to, I come up with a name, and then its changed, and then I feel like I can't reuse it because it will be confusing, at some point.  Again, thanks to those that keep the silly names I give them!  :)  I dropped off Cookie/Bella to join her brother Yeger (Meister), a one year old black and white kitty, and her big human brother Angelo (cutest red headed Italian boy), and his new mama Kellie.  I am holding my breath for a report this morning!  When I got home, I strolled down to my neighbor's house to check on Bubbles, now named Merlin, and found him in a carrier outside, side by side to a sort of outdoor playpen for her new feline sister, meant to let them get to know each other.  Besides, the sister likes to be outdoors, so her people got this contraption that allows her to sit outdoors and see the sights.  Its pretty cool.  Looks like a little playpen with a cover on it!


The remaining two kittens (yes, I am SURE you have all been keeping track of all EIGHT kittens that I originally had), Peanut and Autumn, are in the care of my friend Donna for now.  Peanut has a new home and will be delivered to Donna' niece in Virginia in early October, and at that time, if Autumn has not been adopted yet, I will take her back at the time of her travel.


Baby Willow went to my friend Jack's house, with a still draining eye.  I was told by the vet after I had brought Cookie and Peanut in to the clinic (yes, again!) nearly two weeks ago that they might possibly have feline herpes, because we treated all these kittens for well over a month with meds for an upper respiratory, and what a hardship that was.  I truly don't know how these large rescue groups, and even individuals do it. Having that many kittens, all sick, was very stressful for me, and I thank God some of my friends chipped in to help in almost every possible way.


I am hoping to go pick  up Luna, the once baby kitten I rescued from Second, along with her mother Sweet Pea - as there is a man who is interested in Luna.  I will pick her up from the kind family that have been fostering both kitties, and drive this very shy kitten to her hopefully new home on Saturday, tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for Luna.  Her picture is on a couple of posts ago. I was hoping he would take Sweet Pea also, but he is only allowed two cats as he lives in an apartment.  So Luna will have a brother (boy or girl, not sure!) to play with thankfully.


It was an easy, quiet morning out in the hood for me, but I am going through so much food its not funny.  There are so many hungry cats out there.  I need help with food, really, I do.  I am going through EIGHT 16-lb. bags of dry food a week, easily.  I need to help in trapping, there are new babies out there.  I need good, kind people to allow shelter for these animals.  We need to spread the word, and change some attitudes!

Have a great day!

Blessing For A Cat

O God,
Every animal,
in every forest, field, and home,
belongs to you, and is under your loving care.
May your blessing be upon this cat,
and, in your steadfast kindness,
Keep (him, her) safe from all harm.
We pray that you would show forth
your eternal love and mercy,
in the companionship and friendship
that this cat provides. Amen

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