Friday, September 5, 2014

Man oh Man...

Stress.  It kills people. 


I am under a major amount right now.  I have EIGHT kittens I need to have spayed/neutered and find homes for ASAP, I need to place Sweetie Pie and her daughter Luna, who has been in foster care, but they now need to find a place for her quick, and today I got a call from the family that took in Boris/Gordie last winter.  He is once again terrorizing his ‘sister’ Rosebud, and they ‘cannot keep him any longer.’  I am sick over this.  Sick.
I have so many extra in my own house, and have the same issues as they are having with my Scooter going after Grady, who I am having a hard time adopting out.  I have to split them up too, but most of the time, they are monitored while I am there, and things are OK.  I have no more room at the inn.  HELP.  I need fast advice.

I was thinking about what a shelter means to a homeless cat, and how evil someone as to be to destroy that.  I’ve had so many warm shelters for cats destroyed in the city.  I was thinking that these cats have nothing warm and safe to nestle in.  Can you imagine, having to find somewhere warm, dry, bug free, etc. to sleep in?  I have no idea what I will do at two of the locations I’ve been kicked out of.  Parsells, and Garson.  No idea how those cats will survive this coming winter.  I also need to build up at least four of my others that people ruined, but haven’t been back in a while to re-destroy.  If only the City of Rochester would designate places for shelters for these cats, on their vacant properties, it might be another story.  These cats could live out their lives in safety and warmth, rather than have their only ‘home’ gone and destroyed.

On a final note for the day, I had a spot at the clinic for a TNR and trapped a pretty black and white kitty on Garson, naming him Garth.  He will be snipped today, and released tomorrow.  I had a hard time thinking of where I would set the trap this morning because most of my spots the cats are done, with the exception of this one or that one, which would be hard for me to pinpoint which kitty I was getting, not wanting to re-trap one that was already fixed.  I will need some expert drop trapping done with some of these.  I do know there are MANY kitties on Parsells, which I will focus on next week if I can get the appointments. 

PLEASE help me with Gordy/Boris.  Can anyone suggest where I can bring him???   This is an urgent situation.  I must move him immediately.


  1. Is Boris a good boy when he is on his own? So a house with no other cats?


    1. Boris was FINE with all my others, not sure how or why he changed since then.

    2. He is good with one of the 2 females he lives with - I think because she gives it right back to him with a 'hiss.' The other cat is scared to death and won't fight back. If she would stand her ground more than likely there would be no problems. I understand he a real love with people. -carol

    3. Thank you for that Carol. I will use your words to help get him a home, although unfortunately, as we both know, there aren't enough people around to give him that chance.