Friday, September 12, 2014

My Spots


Mary Jane



George and Brady

Not much to report from this morning.  There is a real chill in the air (until I get to nearly my last spot, when I turn on the A/C – getting in and out of the car and running behind abandoned houses or in back of empty lots is real exercise!), its feeling like fall out there.  Of course, I love this time of year, love every season, but also dread them because of the changes in the weather, and how it affects the animals out there with no homes.  If they don’t have any shelter, they freeze.  Many, to death. 

One of the kittens is being adopted by a friend today.  The kitten will go from the foster in Ontario, to the friend in Webster.    Kitten still has eye problems, so it will most likely need to be seen by a vet quickly.  I am not even sure if I should bring it to her today because it might spread to the others?  Not sure what to do right this second about that.  This will be four adoptions out of eight, so that is good news.

Here is whats up at each of my locations – I call it my inventory.  L  I change up my pattern sometimes, but I doubt you will notice, unless you go with me every day!

Parsells – (4) feeding a cat here or there even BEFORE I get to my first spot.  When I do get to this temporary, shelterless spot, there is always two kitties waiting that I recently had neutered.  A third one lurks in the darkness, and sometimes I see a white cat with red spots, and a black one with a plastic flea collar. 

Stout – (4) I feed the black, orange, and sometimes tabby with white in him – the tabby with white is male and needs to be neutered.  He is friendly, and reminds me of my George, who I rescued from that very spot this past spring.  Neck Wound Kitty was there and actually did not run this morning.  He has some serious open wounds on his body, and I am overwhelmed with sadness each and every time I go there.  He should have been treated years ago, but he seems to be untrappable.  At least he keeps shelter in the garage there.

Garson – (3) new temporary spot in a back lot against a garage.  I am feeding Casey, who has been around forever, and a black and white kitty – Sylvester the Cat- like – I trapped him and had him neutered two weeks ago.  There is also a young brown tabby (I think – its SO dark out), that I will need to trap and get spayed/neutered.

Hayward – (3) feeding little black kitty and a tabby there, that I can see.  I know more come out after I leave.  Both of these are fixed.

Baldwin – (8) so many kitties – they wait on the road when they see my truck come around the corner two blocks away.  You can see their eyes illuminated.  I believe they are all spayed/neutered – the ones that I can see.

Seventh – (4-6) same old suspects always waiting, including the barking dog next door.  Although every other day it seems the little ones – babies that were born early spring, are there hiding in the corner.  They are not fixed.  There are two that I know of.  I don’t even know what color they are, its so dark, and they hide.

Short – (6-8) I have not seen Shorty, the little black kitten I recently had spayed, in nearly two weeks now.  It always worries me, but I have to move on.  All the usual suspects are here.  I then go behind an abandoned house here after I finish up at the shelter in the empty lot here, and place more food behind there.  I saw a kitty in the nook of a tree that I had not seen before, waiting, watching me.  Black and white baby.

Central & Fifth – (4-6) the usual suspects.  There are at least three kitties there – I believe all males – that need to be fixed.  Otherwise, Tippy, the fluffy black cat that I would love to find a home for, is always waiting for me, running alongside me until we reach the shelters in the back of that lot.

Central & Third – (3) Black kitty, white with spots kitty, and tabby all wait each day for me.  They must be males, and I am sure that the white one is fixed, but not sure of the others.  They are very frightened still, of me.

Second – (3-4) Michael, the druggie, was there to wave at me from the corner, and when I came from behind the house, he was there waiting for me, with his eyes popping out, wishing me a good morning.  He likes to joke with me about the cats (not funny), and always asks me for change, or a cigarette.  I told him this morning, after turning him down once again, that if I had it, I would give it to him.  He should know by now I don’t carry anything but cat food.  He walked away saying I was still cute in my pink boots.  The little white kitty was there again, starving.  She will now let me pet her.  I must do something here.  She needs to be spayed, for sure, and most likely rescued.  She won’t come around to the back of Paul’s house there where there are shelters waiting.  Along with two other fixed cats, and sometimes Tuffy, and a few skunks or raccoons here or there.  These cats are territorial, and its hard to get them to go to an established spot.

2nd & Pennsylvania – (1-2) a large black female always waiting for me lately – she is very friendly, very very sweet.  I feed her behind this man’s – that I have yet to ever meet – house where I have an igloo shelter and a couple of totes set up.  This has withstood the winter we had but it must be cleaned up a bit.

4th and Pennsylvania -  (7) Little girl always runs to me, rolls over on her back on the sidewalk – another highly adoptable cat – she never appears to be pregnant, etc, - is not eartipped.  I think she was spayed already.  I am constantly feeling her belly.  The others have all been done here.  There was one orange kitty with a chopped tail that I have not seen in a while.  He was the only one not done here.

The numbers in brackets at each of these spots mean how many cats I CAN see when I go.  That’s a total of 59 cats I am feeding each and every day.  I feed a lot of cats, which is why I continually ask for help with food or donations.  Again, this should be funded by the city if they are not doing anything to help spay/neuter these cats itself.

Its Friday, thank God.   I don’t get a break from feeding the cats, but at least I get a break from this 8-5 job I do five days a week.  TGIF.

Have a great day!


  1. Holy Cow - 59 cats! You are amazing Janine! Happy Friday! Tracy

  2. The adopter should keep the kitten separated from her cats for a while anyway, since the kittens havent been tested or vaccinated yet, have they?? So if she agrees that she will be taking kitten to vet soon, then I think you should go ahead with the adoption.

  3. Oops I see they were tested I a while ago. I still say if adipter is willing to treat kitten you should go thru with adoption and get that off your plate.