Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Its a Hard Life...

So, I had two slots for spay/neuter at the RCA clinic this morning on Bay.  One slot was being filled by a female calico, who a friend dropped off last evening, after picking her up from Miller Street.  She had been feeding this girl for months now.  We put her in the bathroom, because she was friendly, and she was stuffed in a kitten carrier.  After sitting with her for a few moments, with her on my lap, I felt her paws, and she is declawed!  So God knows if she is spayed already too.  But she will go into the clinic, where they will hopefully determine that she has already been spayed, and hopefully give her the shots and flea meds she needs.  I told my friend she CANNOT return this cat to the street, which was her intention.  Anyone want a declawed beautiful cat?  Here are her pictures, and her name is Peaches.


The second cat – I set out a trap at my ‘new spot’ on Garson, after getting chased away from the one on Chamberlain that I had been sheltering and feeding these poor animals, and sure enough, the cat I TNR’d several weeks ago went in.  I released him, reset it and sped off to do a couple more spots around there.  Came back, nothing.  Put down the food for the cats in hiding, and took off to see where I could place the trap next.

Frannie from Ferndale/Webster

I have been embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve been feeding, for about a week and a half now, at the same location that I stopped feeding last fall:  Webster and Ferndale.  There are about five cats that I see there.  One is a beautiful, friendly, grey tabby, eartipped, and another is a small black kitty, somewhat like Luigi, the last cat I rescued from there and my friend Nicole adopted.  I set the trap there this morning, and I got this little one, and I have a feeling she is female, and pregnant.  So a job well done.

Little Bubbles went on to his new home last night, after being neutered at County Line yesterday.  I will miss him terribly, but because he was adopted by my neighbor, I will get updates on him periodically, I am sure.  Tomorrow night I deliver Cookie to her new home.  My friend Jackie adopted little Willow, and my friend Donna is fostering Peanut and Autumn until October, when she brings Peanut to her new home in Virginia!  So now we must find Autumn a home, and then I can breathe a big sigh of relief!  J Its been a tough journey with these kittens, being sick and all, for sure. 





Now we still have Autumn, Lacey, Luna, Sweet Pea and Brady to find good homes for.  And then we can begin to work on the sweet ones that are still homeless and on the streets.  There are so many.  PLEASE help me to spread the word, by sharing this blog link.  May God bless you, and have a BEAUTIFUL day!

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. "

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  1. Aww, Peaches looks like my Sierra! Poor thing being outside with no claws for defense. Someone should want her. (Sierra says we can't take her. Only one calico princess allowed in this house! lol!)