Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Less Mouth To Feed

Yes, another dead cat on the street this morning.  Heartbreaking to see.  I spotted it on my way home on Parsells, after feeding over 50 cats that I could see, prior, and I stopped immediately, grabbed a towel, and lifted its lifeless, stiffened body and placed it gently near some bushes under a tree.  I prayed at that moment that the homeowner would be gentle with it once detected.  I did not recognize it, it was further from each of my spots that I do feed around there, but I am sure it was once a loved cat by someone.  So sad!

Such a busy weekend too!  I thank all seven of you for your comments from Friday, and I do want to give a shout out to Walt, who, after I pleaded for someone to step up and help me write a newsworthy piece regarding kids and cats at colleges, came through for me.  He is a gifted writer, and I was happy to see something, anything, to raise awareness of kids going back to college, and keeping a cute Fluffy or Morris in their dorm room to lessen the loneliness of being away from family.  Some of these kids leave their 'pets' behind, not taking responsibility for them to either rehome, or worse, have them neutered or spayed.  And thanks for the plug Walt.  I did get a call from one woman who read it, saying she wanted to donate a couple of bags of cat food.  Bless her, and bless you Walt!  I think if you click on the pic below, you can see it closer!

Due to this college epidemic, I currently have six baby kittens in my home (three are being cared for by someone due to the severity of their illness), and two are in foster at my other friend Donna's house.   Two of them are doing better than the third, the tiny baby girl, the other two being boys.  She is still sneezing, and so is one of the boys actually, but the eyes of all have cleared up.  I did notice, however, that the larger black boy's eye is clouded, as if he is blind in that eye, or has a cataract?  How long has it been, three weeks now since they've been on Clavamox?  I need advice as to what I should do next.  I don't think I should continue with the Clavamox, nor with the eye drops, which I did stop using both on Sunday.  If they seemed in dire straights, I would bite the bullet and take them to my vet, which has already cost me a small fortune, but I am hoping I can reach out to a friend or two and ask their expert advice.    Here are some pictures that I was able to take over the weekend.  Are they not too cute?????

And finally, the pictures that my friend took when she went along with me last Tuesday, I have a few to share here.  She got a lot of me, which I was totally disgusted as seeing my image, but thats another story.  I managed to save a few here.  She took a ton, but I will post more each day this week.  There are also more from the fundraiser, and a few pictures of Sweetie Pie, the cat I rescued a few weeks back that was adopted by my Pasta Queen Friend.  :)  She is doing well!  She has been renamed Lucy.

Yesenia, my friend, obviously has a really great camera.  It was pitch dark out when these were taken, the flashes a bit bright, but we managed to get by that morning with no one spotting us!

Have a GREAT day!


  1. Please copy Walt's letter to every college in the area.

  2. Walts LTE was great. And thank you for posting it here so I didnt have to go find it! It would also be a great idea to somehow get the word out to the colleges and students that students wualify for the low cost spay/ neuter at the Rochester Community Animal Clinic at 985 Bay Street, 288-0600, and also at Lollypop Farm's SNIP program, and at Rochester Animal Services (downtown shelter). Maybe we can get these programs to send their info or fliers to be posted at area colleges. Altho I think the colleges do have a no pets policy which obviously isnt being adhered to, or enforced..

  3. Agree - great article Walt! You certainly have a gift with your writing/story telling. Wonder if there is a way to share this situation and other stories like it during Freshman orientation at all local colleges. Let these kids look into the eyes of these abandoned kitties and maybe, just maybe they will think twice. I for one can't watch the ASPCA commercials on TV. We need to borrow this format and create a public service announcement for these kids. - carol

  4. I agree that this issue cannot continue to go on in silence. I am willing to work on getting tv/ radio to air public service announcements. Maybe a few of us could get together and brainstorm a course of action.