Monday, September 8, 2014

Cats Cats Cats!

It seems like all I have been reporting on lately is the drama with the cats I have in my possession, and cats I've rescued in the past.  Well, it just never ends.  That's the way it is in the cat business.

The three baby kittens that my friend has been caring for will be returned to me tomorrow morning. They have been lovingly cared for, with serious upper respiratory illnesses, and are all better.  They will join the other three I have in my possession, that I am STILL treating for minor URI's, in two of them.  They are much better, but there is still a sneeze here and there, and there is still clouding in one eye of one of the little guys.  So folks, that means I will have SIX kittens in my bathroom.  God help me.  PLEASE spread the word, I need help.  They will all need to be spayed and neutered very soon also.  This does not include the other two that my other friend is fostering for me.  That means EIGHT kittens need spay/neuter.

I saw a beautiful white, young kitty on Second this morning.  I could hear it crying and then saw his head peek out from under a car, watching me.  I've never seen it before.  Pure white, from what I could see in the darkness, and very skinny.  I laid food down under a tree before I left. 

Before I could even get to my first stop this morning, on Parsells, I pulled over twice after seeing cats.  By the time I left my first stop, I had fed eight cats.  There is a huge population of cats on Parsells, they are coming from everywhere.  They all need spaying and neutering.  Terribly sad situation there.   I need people there to help me shelter these poor animals. 

I have not seen Tuffy in well over a month now.  I fear he finally succumbed to the streets.  He was one tough boy after all the years I've been feeding him.  He had so many injuries, but always seemed to rebound.  I have also not seen the long haired black kitty on Seventh in many weeks now either.  He was the one I was slipping medicine into his food, because he had lost so much hair, and weight.  Its so sad when you don't see your regulars.  You always wonder what happens to them.  Its so dangerous out there for them.

I pulled up to my Baldwin spot this morning and someone had trashed a few of my shelter.  Some boards were down, on top of full plates of food, so they must have done it early yesterday morning after I had left.  Such disrespect for animals.  I also am beginning to bring shelters to my other locations, like Hayward.  You can feel the coolness in the air.  Its coming.

These pictures are just two out of the eight, Mystic and Mojito.  Please spread the word.  They all need homes.

Please spread the word about these kitties.  I must find homes for them.  And people wonder if I've lost my mind.  Yes, I have.  I certainly am not mentally equipped with the stamina that these rescue groups have - but then again, they have all kinds of fosters helping them, most of the time.   My tinyt house just cannot handle all these cats.  Wish me luck, and spread the word.


  1. I do wish we could help out, Janine. Our waitlist is full and we've only had ONE foster step up this year. Hang in there.
    Norma, PPNY

  2. Hey Janine. We are working on this!! We'll get through this and I can't tell you what it means to me that you have taken in these little babies. I know you are totally overwhelmed. Hopefully in the next day or 2 you will have 2 less kittens :)

  3. Those babies are so adorable! The eyes on the first one!! I shared their photos on my FB wall.