Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Monday

This weekend was a busy one!  We have had some beautiful weather going on here in Rochester, and fingers crossed it stays that way (I sometimes fear looking at the forecast on the news – hate to see whats coming if its bad… so I just don’t look!).  The mornings are cool, but I always wind up turning on the A/C in the car because of how much I am moving in the hour I am out feeding the Beechwood section of Rochester’s kitties each day!  Even in the winter, I get warm.  Doing what I do is probably the only thing that has kept me from weighing four hundred pounds because lately, it’s the only exercise I am getting!  I put Zumba on hold until I could get find homes for the kittens – they were so needy for attention that by the time I got home from a full time job, I had to spend the precious moments I had outside of work and sleep to be with them.  Not to mention my own cats that were starving for attention during this time.
Princess on 4th and Pennsylvania - "PLEASE ADOPT ME"

I adopted out Luna, one of Sweet Pea’s kittens on Second Street that I rescued, along with both Sweet Pea and her other daughter Piper, and have been fostered by a kind family out in Fairport.  She was brought to her new home on Saturday morning.  A nice man with a kitty about a year or two old, who was lonely when her pop went to work.  He lives in a small apartment, and he will introduce Luna slowly to Ellie, the resident top cat.  When I went in to his apartment with my 6-yr old niece Hannah that morning (Hannah spent the night with her favorite Auntie!), I noticed a heavy smell of cigarette smoke.  I was very leary about leaving Luna immediately, and after a little bit of time speaking with Steve, I finally spoke my peace about smoking indoors and the windows weren’t even cracked open.  He was kind enough to listen to my spiel about the kitties tiny lungs, and how it isn’t fair to subject them to this, and he didn’t throw me out of his house then and there.  He mentioned that he and his friend were thinking about quitting again in this fall, and I commended him for that.  I told him that I hoped he would smoke outside in the future.  Boy, am I bossy!!  J  I received an update on Luna yesterday, and all is well, and the man still likes me!  J

I am waiting for updates on the other four kitties I’ve just recently adopted out, and will share those with you when I get them.  I miss those little cuties terribly, but there are still so many other kittens still on the streets needing rescue.  I was recently contacted by Kitten Korner Rescue who was contacted by a woman on Sixth Street, about several kittens, and mothers of kittens, all needing rescue.  I feed on Seventh, so I am sort of surprised I haven’t seen or heard about them until now.  You would think that in the dead of the morning, when all is quiet, that all these mornings the kittens or cats haven’t heard me cat calling when I pull up to my spot there.  Its almost directly across, just on the other side, one street over, where the colony of babies are.  Kitten Korner also asked me to spread the word to see if any one can help with fostering these kittens.  Please open your heart and home to help these babies.  Kitten Korner has an excellent record for adopting them out through Petco in Pittsford.  You wouldn’t have them for long!

I subjected my cat George to wear a Buffalo Bills cheerleading outfit I bought for Miss B's dog Precious (which I am returning, its way too expensive, I just can't afford, what was a thinking, only wanted to please Miss B, because she loves her pup so much).  Here is George, as a Buffalo Bills cheerleader.  He was not a happy one.

I have so much more to say, but I need to get to work!

Have a great day!


  1. Ahh, poor George! The indignity of it all! Do you have a Steeler's outfit? I could put one on Pumpkin. My sister Bethany would love that. ;D

  2. Believe me, I am not a Bills fan, but Miss B is... :)

  3. OMG... I am dying with that cat in a cheerleading costume!!! I bet it would look nice on Harold! ;)