Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I've been feeding a pathetic looking little white cat, young, and in bad shape, for a few weeks now.  She showed up on Second Street, and was very shy at first, but started to come around after a day or so, and literally ran up to me this morning.  I knew she had to be rescued, or at least spayed and treated for a terrible skin condition.  I begged, borrowed and stole - no, not really, but I did beg for a spot at the low-income clinic, and they are squeezing me in - I also thought she was pregnant, but I am not quite sure.  So she will stay in my nice, warm bathroom and soak up all the love she can get today.

Another part of this story is that Sunday Sheryl, the girl that rides along with me on Sundays, sent me a Craigslist posting about a deaf white cat that went missing about a month ago.  The picture of the missing cat was nearly identical.  Here is the picture of the missing cat - you tell me:

I immediately sent a note, with my numbers, but have not heard back.  And I don't think this white cat is deaf, because when I clicked the can to open it, she heard it!  Sheryl is the cat detective.  She is always trying to pair up missing cats with their owners.  She has had a few successes too!

This cat, by the way, has a LOT of toes!

I saw a young five month old kitten at the 'new' Garson Avenue location.  I am now feeding four cats there. Casey is included, she has been around there for years now.  I am glad she found me after being kicked out of the Chamberlain property (vacant house) near Garson.  I still have not seen Lucy, who I fed for YEARS there.  That evil woman that yelled at me and threatened to throw the cat food in my face.  Man oh man, the stuff I deal with...

Skye and Oliver:  I love to share success stories.  I am sure you all remember Bittens, the baby baby kitten I rescued in February from Central, it was 28 degrees?  I should go back to my notes.  Maybe it was 12 knowing the winter we had last.  Anyways, she ran right up to me on the side of the road at my shelter there, and I scooped her up, my friend Jackie adopted her, named her Skye, and look how she has grown!  She is the fluffiest fluffiest fluffiest cat I've ever seen.  :)

Kitten Skye

Grown up Skye (hugging Oliver)
"You are what you do, not what you say you will do."


  1. I don't think it is the same white cat....sorry honey!! =( It would have been nice.

  2. maybe the people who lost their white cat would be willing to adopt the little girl you rescued this morning! You could contact them again and ask!

  3. Looks like plain old flea allergy to me.
    Bless Sheryl for playing Lost and Found "matchmaker"!
    Good idea about contacting lost white cats people. Maybe they WOULD take this one. Hope eartip wont mess THAT possibility up. Didnt you mean the FERAL cat clinic when you said LOW INCOME clinic?

  4. The face anatomy of the two cats is identical. Length of nose, eye color and tilt, length of lip cleft, producing whisker pads and forehead proportion to ears. Starvation causes unexpected physical changes but above mentioned characteristics always stay the same. But, it does have extra toes. Janine thought it deaf when on the streets, then thought it heard the can open but later she appeared again to not notice attempts to attract her attention. So many cats! So many lost and afraid. So many people looking for their cat. It's their instinct to hide when frightened and it's that confusion that breaks my heart the most.