Thursday, September 4, 2014

Out of Order

I am out today with a medical issue, but I did manage to jot down a few things here. 
Here are just two of the eight kittens I have for adoption:  Meet Mystic and Mojito!  They are two of the eight kittens rescued from the horrible situation out near Robert's Wesleyan College - all sick with upper respiratory infections then, but getting much better now.  Please consider adoption, and spread the word!


Mojito has a little somethin-somethin going on with his eye.  But still, a cutie patootie.  Any takers?

Below is Sweetie, the young mother of Piper and Luna, the two kittens that were up a tree on Second well over a month ago, that I rescued, brought out to the country to a foster family, that needs to get them adopted out quick.  Piper ran away, which I am sick about, but below is Sweetie and her daughter Luna, both needing adoption.  Please consider foster or adoption, and spread the word!


Have a GREAT day!


  1. Do hope you are doing ok. I just placed an order on Amazon for 10 bags of cat food. They should be arriving the middle of next week. - carol

  2. Feel better sweetheart!!