Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Full Bellies

Driving home this morning, after feeding at least 50 cats on my route of 14 locations throughout the Beechwood section of Rochester, near the Public Market, a schoolbus slowed down in front of me on Parsells, and then I saw a tiny white kitten run across the road.  Thank God for the school bus driver, who had a heart.  Just yesterday, I had picked up a dead adult cat just blocks before this.  I immediately pulled to the side, got some bowls from the back, and went to the side of the road where this white kitten was, and placed the food down, with the kitty hungrily watching, and waiting for me to leave. 
I get so tired of doing this each morning, but the feeling of knowing I've fed these cats, their only meal of the day when the raccoons don't get to their food before they do, and knowing they at least will have a full belly for a while, its all worth it.  For how long I can do this, I don't know.  That all depends on my health, and my financial situation.  The 'want' will never be there, but the gnawing at my heart will always be there.  They know me, they depend on me.
Below is Sweetie Pie, the kitty I rescued on Short Street after having her spayed three weeks ago.  She was in early pregnancy, and before I had to put her back on the street, someone offered to take her, to give her a home.  This family has a dog that doesn't like kitties, but with time, I think they will be best buds.  For now, here is one happy cat:

Lucy - a/k/a Sweetie Pie

These are some more pictures taken by my friend Yesenia who rode along with me last week.  If you click on the pictures, you can see a cat somewhere, waiting for me to leave, so they can eat.  Remember, it was pitch black outside at this time, 5 am., but her flash is so bright, it looks like daylight!

The food received at my fundraiser is finally running out.  It was a good stash there for a while. Nearly a month that I did not have to purchase dry cat food.  So that means I had enough donated food to go through 18 pounds of dry food per day, seven days a week, for a month.  Thank you to those that dragged those heavy bags to my fundraiser.  You have no idea how much it helped me.  But now, back to the store I go.

Items I could use:

Food food food (wet and dry), shelters, heavy deep plates, 2-gallon sized baggies

Items I don't need:

Towels, blankets, tarps, paper products, plastic containers

I have not seen Tuffy in over a month now.  I fear the worst.  It sickens me that I had to let him go back to the street after his TNR, and that includes every other TNR I've done.  I still believe its dangerous out there for all cats, they live in fear, are susceptible to all the dangers there could be, but what can I do?  There are not enough homes to go around for them.  Actually, there are, but not enough people to adopt them.  Please consider.

Please also consider these little bundles of joy I have at my home, and some at a foster's home.  Eight kittens all together, that need homes.  My friend has been caring for three of the sickest, and will soon be returning them after they are well, so we can get them all adopted.  Help.  Its more than I can handle.  If there are any other people that would consider fostering, please please let me know.  In the meantime, spread the word!  I need to get pictures of the rascals too!  HELP!

Have a great day!

"To bear failure with courage is the best
proof of character that
anyone can give."

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