Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hurricane CATrina!!

Wow, what a doosy of a storm last evening.  Wicked.  All I thought about as I sat on my porch mesmerized...  were the homeless cats out there.  Where were they going to hide.  Usually storms occur overnight, so I don't get to see them.  The winds were ferocious, and buckets of rain came down.  I was also thinking of the squirrels in their little nests, and the birdies in theirs...  Were they being blown out of them?  All cat shelters (that are left) were intact this morning.  And most kitties were waiting for me.  The house on Chamberlain - I left another note for the guy next door, telling him he did not own that property, and that I still wanted my shelters.  And the board barring anyone from the porch.  I wrote that it was all my property. I also stated that I was a nice person, and that I would like to speak with him.  Who knows, he may or may not have trashed my stuff and its long gone, but I still want to make my point, and that what I am doing is a good thing, and try to get him to see it my way.

Parsells Baby Maker
Miss Fluffypants from Hayward

Well, I loaned Brenda on Parsells my trap last night, and she got a baby maker early this morning.  This little girl has produced 2+ litters over her short life.  Its a good catch, for sure.  Meanwhile, while she was trapping her, I was trapping another baby maker on Hayward.  Finally got Miss Fluffypants there, and I am pretty sure its a girl. Her fur is very long, and it just looks female.  Both are feral.  I think.  I asked Brenda for some help financially, seeing as how I am devoting each week to getting one of her many cats she feeds behind her house fixed.  She said she is social security and her boyfriend doesn't work at the moment, but she would see what she could do next week.  So far, she has cost me well over $200 for at least four of her cats I've fixed for her.  How come the city isn't helping?  If she can get social security, how come I can't get ....  cat security???  WTH.

So off these two go to the clinic this morning.  Another $100 out of my pocket.  I want to thank the few that have donated to the clinic directly in the past to pay for a cat or two.  Thank you so much.  I am so grateful for your help with this.  I am not sure how I will pay my next house bill, but I will be sure to find a way to pay for these poor animals producing babies over and over again.  Thank you so much for helping them.

I have to share something funny a friend wrote yesterday.  Its a little odd, and so is he, but I thought it was hilarious:

Dino DeLaurentis, MGM, Century 21, and MTV proudly present the summer blockbuster you have all been waiting for...
Starring the mysterious Janine. You’ll be on the edge of your seats as she enters the hood in the dark—searching-seeking her prey.
Watch the winos piss themselves silly.
See the hookers ask for a smoke.
Watch as your heat breaks at each turn.
See the drama—the intrigue
See the blockbuster hit—Dawn of the Summer of the Planet of the cats.
Watch her wield her sensual charms on these felines in need. Watch the neighbors yell out their busted out windows.
See all the drama see it NOW.
Now showing at your local cinema.

Its funny how sometimes a hooker actually thinks I am a john when I pull over in front of them at one of my spots.  Just this morning, she came right to my passenger door, til I could see her ready to get in, then look at the seat full of cat food, and I said "no no no!".  I got out to feed, wished her a good morning, and she scurried off.  Funny stuff.  Pretty sad too, to be that desperate.

I want to remind everyone about my fundraiser coming up on August 2nd.  A few friends have offered to make gift baskets for auction, and a few are trying to get gift certificates for some good stuff also.  If anyone out there would like to contribute in some small way, I would be forever grateful!  Here is the poster again with the details.

Thanks and have a GREAT day!

"The realms of time are narrow,
Neither is yesterday important,
Nor is tomorrow.
Do it today, at this instant,
Or you will come to sorrow -
For time is something you can't
Beg, steal or borrow."  


  1. Hi Janine - I've got a call in to RCAC - they must be out to lunch. Hopefully they will get back to me. I'll cover today's costs for you. - carol

  2. Is there a Facebook event created for the fundraiser? I will be there and I would like to invite my friends. :-) ~Mary

    1. Hi Mary! I have just been posting the flier on FB. Would love to have you and others come! Hmmmm, I wonder... we should do a FB event invite. Don't know how! Will check it out!

    2. Definitely! That way we can "share" with and invite our friends. :-)

    3. Mary, I just sent one, did you get it? Anyone else on FB that I am not 'friends' with? :) Friend me! Or let me know and I will FIND you! :)