Monday, July 14, 2014

Barefoot and Pregnant



Blake and Monet captured from Seventh 2013

Buttercup and Beethoven, the two puppies I rescued a few weeks ago, have been renamed:  Pebbles and Bam Bam.  This is the listing where they are on the adoptables list.  Check it out.  I received this update and pics of them on Saturday:

Pebbles and Bam Bam Post Surgery

"They survived the surgery and are recovering well!  We’ve changed their names to Pebbles and Bam-Bam.  They are truly great puppies!  They are doing well with their house training – Someone is pretty much home with them all of the time so they are only sleeping in their crates.   They get along with everyone – Bam-Bam is starting to really come out of this shell and playing more.  Figures, I’ve got to keep them calm for a couple of days now that they are wanting to play all of the time (LOL).  Someone is coming to see them tomorrow.  Attached are some of their recovery pictures.  So glad you saved them!"

Saw Momma kitty and her baby chowing down the food I left for them at the side of the road on Second.  The one kitten is one of the two kittens I saw in the tree last week, where Laura figured out that that was their 'hiding' spot from humans...  I only saw the one kitten, last week it was three.  So sad...

Update from above:

Monday Morning:

The little tortoise baby on Second was so hungry she ran to the food that her mama was feasting on as I hovered over.  She is very skittish, and very young.  I will try to get her picture tomorrow.  You might wonder why I am not grabbing this kitten.  Because I have no where to bring her, I cannot have her, I have enough, and so does everyone else I know.  And she is too young to be spayed.  So I will keep an eye on her, and gain her trust, if she is lucky enough to be safe and stay alive.


Hayward Reds Rescued 2013

I saw a pair of kittens peering out from a pile of wood in the corner of the lot on Seventh on Saturday.  Two young baby faces, and then this morning, I think I saw mama.  She was in the same wood pile, watching me, obviously very hungry, watching me put food down.  I walked toward her to see if her babies were with her, and she ran back behind the fence, onto a lot on Eighth Street.  Her belly looked, in the somewhat dark, like she was nursing. 

On Short Street, there is a baby kitten, not more than 5-6 months old, PREGNANT.  She is all black.  This is urgent, I must do something here.  I have seen this kitten before, but now its sitting there when I pull up and I can see, in the somewhat darkness, a little belly, and hanging low. 

And in other news, that cute little red pipsqueak I rescued from Second last Tuesday is a few weeks shy of giving birth, and living with a foster from a rescue group.  I am so grateful someone was able to take this pretty and sweet girl.  Its not that we need more kittens in this world, but I'd rather have this cat given a chance of a home rather than put her back on the street which is what I would have likely have done after I spayed her.

I think we would all agree, if we had the financial resources, a spacious area (home), and assistance from individuals, we would take in as many cats as we could.  But we can't, I can't.  Its horrible for me to leave them. 

I have two more appointments this Wednesday at the clinic.  I need to add up how much has been spent, by a few donations here and there, and from my own pocket, how many cats I've had spayed/neutered so far this year.  Its in the several hundreds I am sure.  Brenda, the lady on Parsells, has a few baby makers left in her area, so that will be one, and I need to figure out who is most deserving of the other spot I have.  If I had more help in this department - financially and help with transporting, I could do so much more. 

Have a great day!
"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real
tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


  1. Janine,
    When are you going to re-set your donation fund on the right? It has been the same for months!!!!!!

  2. Hi! Thank you for noticing! I am trying to get that squared away, but it doesn't mean it wont accept donations. if you click on the DONATE button to the right, you can donate through that also. Thank you for thinking of me and helping the kitties.