Wednesday, July 16, 2014


/ɪnˈsænDescription:ɪDescription: Show Spelled [in-san-i-tee
noun, plural in·san·i·ties.
the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind. Synonyms: dementia, lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration.
Law. such unsoundness of mind as frees one from legal responsibility, as for committing a crime, or as signals one's lack of legal capacity, as for entering into a contractual agreement.
Psychiatry. (formerly) psychosis.
extreme foolishness; folly; senselessness; foolhardiness: Trying to drive through that traffic would be pure insanity.
a foolish or senseless action, policy, statement, etc.: We've heard decades of insanities in our political discourse.

1580–90;  < Latin
insānitās.  See in-3 , sanity

Yes, that best described my morning if you had witnessed it.  I had two spots reserved for spay/neuter at the clinic, so I had to get two unspayed/unneutered kitties this morning by trapping.  I had brought a trap for Brenda yesterday morning to use on one the cats around her house, she had a female that was producing babies specifically in mind, so I only had to worry about trapping one other.  I drove straight to Baldwin thinking I would easily be able to grab the white with red spotted male and throw him into the carrier that I had brought along, along with another trap.    He wasn’t there, so plan B, go to Seventh Street where I’ve recently seen a kitten, and then spotted a kitty that I had never seen in the same corner of the back lot the next day.  I set the trap, and went off to do the Back Nine (the second half of my route around Central Park/Public Market area) first.  I zoomed here, and there, and then back to 7th only to find nothing in the trap.  I then zoomed around again to finish off a couple of others in that area, and went back to 7th, and still, no kittens, no nothing.  As I approached, Baby Mama was starting to enter, but Baby Mama already had been done last year, and I even rescued her two kittens, Blake and Monet.   So I closed up shop there, placed some food and fresh water down, and off I went. 

Once finished on the Back Nine, my destination was to go back to Baldwin and see if white kitty with red spots was there yet.  Nope.  So I drove straight to Hayward, where there was a large colony of grey tabbies, most already spayed and neutered this summer, but some were still left.  I set the trap, and went off to do the Front Nine (East Main/Culver/Parsells/Goodman area).  I zoomed here, I zoomed there, still not hearing from Brenda to see if she had trapped one.  By now, its 6 am., and I went to Baldwin to place food down, and sure enough, there comes white kitty with red spots.  I lifted him gently, and threw him into the carrier I had open and waiting.  So, off to a few others spots, and I drove home, with him crying away in the back.  I stopped first to check on Brenda and she said she wasn’t having any luck, and I told her lets give it until 8 am. before the clinic opens, and we will swing by and pick up by then if she had one.  So off I go, and once home, I was getting out of the car, with the crybaby in the back, and I remembered:  OMG, I have a trap on Hayward I never went back to check!  So I zoomed back there like a crazy woman, and sure enough, there was a very unhappy tabby in the trap, frantically afraid, trying to get out.  A true feral this one is, and I believe a male.  I swear, if I had one bit  closer to dementia, or Alzheimer’s, I would have forgotten this baby in the trap on Hayward.  I have too much on my mind.  I called Brenda to tell her to close up shop for the week.  By the way, I had asked Brenda if she could contribute in any way, but knowing she is low-income, does not work, etc., I knew I wouldn't be able to get blood from a stone (is that the right term?) - but she did surprise me and tell me she had $20 she could give me toward the price of spaying $50 per cat.

Baldwin - friendly boy needs adopting!

So there you have it, two males (I am pretty sure the tabby is a boy, a big one at that).  Two very unhappy males who will be neutered today, and not be able to get any females pregnant.  Not on my watch.   It’s a good feeling for me to know I am making a difference to the overpopulation, as minuscule as that is.  For those of you who have contributed to the clinic in my name, you too have made a difference.  Please remember that.  Without you donating, I wouldn’t be able to do as much as I have been able to this year.  I really wish I had someone count will to sit and read and count the number of cats I’ve had spayed and neutered this year alone.

So, thanks for reading, thanks for listening, and thanks for your donations.  I couldn’t do this without your help.

And finally, don’t forget the Meow and Chow fun’raiser!  Come for a beer, lunch, listen to the music, you needn’t stay long!  But I would love to see you, and don’t forget, you are helping the kitties!  J

Have a great day!


  1. I am going through your blog today to add up the rescues and spay/neuters for this year. In July alone (and it's only July 16th) you have spayed/neutered 6 cats and rescued 4 plus rescued 2 puppies!! You've helped 12 animals permanently in 16 days. You ROCK!!! Can't wait to add up the rest of the year! -Kristin

  2. I have been leaving a towel or cover over the top of the trap when set- doesnt seem to inhibit their going in, and keeps them calmer once trap springs. And keeps them from being as visible to other cats and scaring them off of traps. Started doing that in bad weather but have just continued it.