Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Dance

Another black Sweetheart that waits for its breakfast every morning on Hayward

Yesterday’s post was spot on when I said it takes a village. I never liked that expression before ever since it came out of Hilary Clinton’s mouth, but it has since become applicable in certain situations. I got home from work yesterday to a very miserable kitten still in a trap since Tuesday morning, waiting for Thursday morning to roll around so that I could get it to Lollipop, for spaying/neutering.  Over the course of two days, I would sit and talk gently to it, give it food and water, a little blanket inside to cuddle in, and hope that it wasn’t completely traumatized.  I had every intention of returning to the street, because I didn’t know what else I could do, nor did I have a choice to do otherwise, because it being somewhat feral.  Its young enough though, where I thought with time and patience and handling, would be a butterball soon enough.  I dreaded having to put it back out on the street after its surgery on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, Moonbeam, the kitten I rescued the Friday past, who IS a complete butterball, was delivered to a woman in Fairport to be fostered.  She and her daughter have done this before for me, and I was thrilled at her offer to foster, but also hesitant – I LOVE kittens, and hate to give them up, but with this little feral kitten, and the goings on in my own house, I knew I had to get Moonbeam out and into new hands.  This woman had originally offered to take in the feral kitten and work with it, but there was too much confusion at first in trying to get it vetted, so I made the decision that she should just take sweet gentle Moonbeam for now.

So, back to yesterday after work.  I get a call from a girl in the animal world that I just recently reconnected with, thinking she had moved out of state years ago to be with her son, and we lost track of each other.  She called to say she lives next door to Moonbeam’s foster mother, and that HER neighbor had just adopted Moonbeam!~   Turns out the neighbor took in another black kitten rescued from Pennsylvania (the state), and wanted a companion for it.  WOW!  Not even a half day and Moonbeam is now adopted!  Pretty good, eh?  I was told that the woman names all her cats with “P” names, so there goes another good name (Moonbeam).  I will wait to hear what her new name will be! 

And do you want to hear the REALLY good news?  The woman who was going to foster Moonbeam offered to pick up the feral kitten from Lollipop today after being spayed/neutered, and keep it and work it with to socialize it!  WOWOWOWOW!!!  I am thrilled!!!  I love this woman!

So there you have it.  It REALLY does take a village, doesn’t it?

Have a GREAT day!

“You will find as you look back upon your life, 
that the moments that stand out are the moments 
when you have done things for others” 


  1. What's that's always darkest before the dawn. Great news all around. I'll be out of touch for a while but will see you at the Meow and Chow Fun Raiser on August 2nd. -carol

  2. Great news! Wendy B.

  3. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow fantastic news Janine! I am so glad someone can work with this kitten! is that serendipity? Have you seen the calico sister again? Carole