Monday, July 28, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Domino, recently rescued and adopted!  Thank you Joy! (does he look happy, or what!)

That is, another cat was rescued, and another one TNR'd over the weekend.  With the help of a new friend, whom I have never met - and look forward to at my upcoming 'fun'raiser' this Saturday (oh, I am getting nervous!  :)), I was able to get a few clinic appointments at Lollipop Farm clinic over the weekend.  Now, normally, Lollipop has only one spay/neuter day, on Fridays.  But apparently, with the help of a grant through some kind person, they have been able to add extra days recently to help the feral/homeless baby producing population by performing spays and neuters, for $40 per cat, which does not include flea treatment, deworming, etc.  Just your basic snip, rabies and distemper shots.

(Note:  Click on pics to see up close!)

The one I rescued Sunday morning is the calico sister feral kitten of black feral kitten that I rescued last Tuesday, Piper.  Hooray!  Piper was delivered, after surgery, to her foster home to join her sister.  And speaking of, I was actually able to hold this little black feral girl, who is feral no more, although still a bit scared.  I think it will take a while for her calico sister Piper to come around, but I am sure she will, and then they will be ready for adoption!  Thank you Julie D. and her daughters!!

Captured Sunday!

Captured Tuesday!

The other kitty was from my first spot at Parsells and is a boy, Sammy.  Feral, or semi-feral (he waits for me to replenish the food and then leave from a distance), he spent the night on my porch, and poor thing endured the severe storm we had over night.  Boy was that a doosey.  We had drenching rain, and here I still have a hole in my dilapidated roof already.  I am surprised I did not see any visual damage this morning, i.e. flooding inside, but I am sure there is damage building up under the shingles, due to the visible corroding of my dry wall in the attic that I turned into a master bedroom many years ago shortly after moving into my house.

I have a clinic spot tomorrow, Tuesday, at Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay.  I should be rejoicing in my two latest over the weekend, but there is a pregnant tabby on Hayward, who, with the little black boy that hungrily awaits me, and nudges me until I place the food down each day, she will get close enough for me to touch her. She is now limping, and pregnant.  I got a hold of her neck this morning, and scrunched, but not good enough, because she struggled just before me setting her free.  My intention was to place her in a carrier until the appointment on Tuesday.  Now, she won't trust me again for a while.  I will have to place black kitty in the carrier tomorrow so I can set the trap, and hope that she will go in, out of the other four that lurk, that I have already trapped, neutered and returned.  Wish me luck!

I think that makes 26 cats rescued this year?  And 28 TNR's on top of that?  Yea!  Great news! 

Have a great day!

"You must stop talking about the problem and start talking about the solution...  start speaking words of victory."


  1. You had better fix that roof, the cats will always be there waiting for you. You need a roof over your head too!!!

  2. Something we can all do for Janine this week is hand out Meow n' Chow flyers and tell friends. To print flyers download the picture from Facebook and print it as a full page. (Btw the organizer did a really nice job on this.) See you Saturday! ~Mary

  3. I agree with both comments. Looking forward to meeting lots of other Janine supporters on Saturday! Nancy C.