Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh To Be Six Again....

When you thought nothing of the rain.  In fact, you wanted to go out and play in it.  Nowadays, as a grown up, I can't think of anything but avoiding it at all costs.  What it does to my hair, my clothes...  where is the umbrella????  This morning, about 10 minutes into my route in the city, just past the 2nd stop of my 14 stops I make to feed the cats, it started to rain.  Then it started to pour.  And several of my spots involve trekking through garbage strewn fields to get to the covered dishes.  Soaked.  That's all I can say. 

It was somewhat crazy for a brief moment.  I got out at Second, where the mama kitty that I had spayed two weeks ago and her only surviving kitten have been greeting me by the side of the road, across from Paul's house, the kind man who allows me to feed behind his house, and have shelters.  I scooped out the food for mama, and her kitten was meowing and moving frantically, afraid to come close, but hungry.  And the little one took the chance and came over but always looking up at the hand that was inching its way toward the back of her neck, and then scrambling away.  I was trying to get her because someone has offered to take her to foster.  I just couldn't get her.  I will have to earn more trust from her.  The nice Puerto Rican young couple were there in the door way, I asked them if they or their landlord was throwing away the bowls I was leaving there for them, and they said that was possible the landlord was doing it.  "He don't like the cats."  God, I hear that all the time.  I told them I was trying to get baby kitten, and they must tell the landlord this.  I drove off and it started to pour again,  I did my next stop and then went back around to see if it was in fact the young couple, and to be sure the bowls were still there, and they were, with no sign of mama and kitten, most like due to the rain, although it was under a full leaved tree.  I got out and asked them if I could place it under an awning on the side of the house, as I knew it would rain all day.

I drove off only to see Seven, the prostitute who lost her baby Henry a year or two ago, she is so lost, its so sad, and asked her if she needed a ride, because it was pouring.  She got in (smelling like booze and cigarettes) and said yes, to that house, to which she pointed to the bootlegger's house one house away.  I am thinking to myself, then why did you get in if we are only going this far....  Of course, with my 'don't hold anything back' personality, I did say something like that, but she said she would only be a minute, as if I would wait there for her to get her booze or cigarettes.  I told her I had to get going.  Oh Lord.

Kitty on Baldwin that needs fixin (and rescue).  He is very sweet.

4th & Pennsylvania

Have a nice, sunny day!
"We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of
those we let slip out."

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  1. Why dont you put a trap out for the kitten while you are there at least? It would probably go right in! Kittens are so naive! I have "kitten traps" if you are worried about catching an adult when you dont have a clinic appt.